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perfect tamping for every turnout sleeper

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more output during turnout maintenance thanks to continuous working action

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tamping machine versions and thousands of configuration options from the modular design kit

Optimum flexibility, maximum environmental performance

Continuous tamping of plain-line tracks and turnouts

  • Flexible work units for turnouts and high output on plain-line track
  • Short track possessions can be optimally used
  • Maximum flexibility in the turnout thanks to variable use of tamping tines, 3-rail lifting, and 4-rail tamping technology
  • Can be combined with 1-sleeper or 2-sleeper tamping units
  • The main machine has additional space for a workshop area or crew room
  • Track stabilizing and tamping in one pass
  • High machine availability thanks to a maximum speed of 100 km/h during self-propelled transfer travel
  • EN 13848-compliant recording measuring system can be integrated optionally

With the Unimat 09/4S series, you have all the equipment on board for the perfect tamping result.

Nonetheless, the machine is relatively compact. Its focus is on turnout maintenance. However, the continuous-action tamping technology is also a benefit for maintaining connecting tracks and producing ramps before and after turnouts.

Your benefit

  • Full turnout control: individually tilting roller lifting discs mounted on the longitudinally shiftable lifting and lining unit, lifting hooks, and additional lifting unit for the diverging rail
  • Optimal positioning: as the tamping unit segments are independent of one another, the Unimat offers a high degree of flexibility. Already during the first tamping cycle, it secures the turnout’s outermost positions to immediately fix the lateral position.
  • Pre-measuring with maximum machine speed: Inertial measurement unit (IMU), connected directly to the SmartALC
  • E³ hybrid drive: work and travel electrically
  • Quality at a glance: high transparency thanks to detailed logging with the Plasser TampingReport
  • Dynamic track stabilization: more resilient track position thanks to controlled settlement and increased resistance to track buckling

Examples of the product

Series: Unimat 09/4S

Technology that continues to set standards to this day:
continuous working action achieves spectacular increases in output. Machines in the Unimat 09/4S series offer increased output while producing excellent quality. The machine makes it possible to optimize track possessions and achieve your return on investment quickly.

Your benefit:
The technology used on Plasser & Theurer’s all-rounder allows optimal tamping results throughout entire turnouts, common crossings, and even hollow sleepers.
Its eco-friendly drive systems expand the machine’s field of application and reduce operating costs significantly. Benefit from increases in machine availability and utilization, including maximum speeds of up to 100 km/h when self-propelled.

Unimat 09-8x4/4S Dynamic

Гибкая высокая производительность при подбивке пути и стрелочных переводов

Железные дороги общего пользования
Тяжеловесные перевозки
Высокая скорость
Участки крутого подъема
Область применения
Стрелочный перевод
Режим работы
Непрерывный режим

The fine art of turnout tamping

Turnout maintenance is a complex process. Turnouts differ greatly in design. This is why tamping machines need a great degree of variability to optimally adjust to the conditions at hand. This is why Plasser & Theurer offers various types of tamping units: they are all versatile in application. Their special design has been optimized for specific application scenarios. This allows you to react precisely to the requirements of your market.

4x4 tamping unit

Setting the standard in turnout maintenance
Tried and tested working parameters for optimal tamping results: the universal tamping unit of the Unimat 09-4x4/4S has been optimized to meet the special requirements of turnout maintenance. You are prepared for any obstacle: the split-head technology makes it possible to shift each of the four tamping unit segments individually and sideways. If there is an obstacle in the turnout, the 16 tamping tines simply tilt upwards.

2X-4x4 tamping unit

The 2-in-1 tamping unit
Why combine two different tamping units? The tamping unit half that adjusts to turnouts offers more movability and flexibility. On plain-line tracks, however, performance is key: this is where both halves work together in 2X mode. The second tamping unit half now features fewer moveable parts. This reduces the need for maintenance and minimizes life cycle costs.

8x4 tamping unit

Tamping with high performance and maximum flexibility
The 8x4 tamping unit is a whole new class in terms of universal tamping technology. As its name suggests, it features eight independent tamping unit segments with tiltable tamping tines. The continuous 2-sleeper Unimat 09-8x4/4S tamping machine can switch to 1-sleeper tamping mode as required. Thanks to these features, your machine combines the high performance of 2-sleeper tamping with maximum flexibility.

4x8 tamping unit

2-sleeper maintenance for turnouts and plain track
The tried and tested 09-32/4S tamping unit developed into the 4x8 tamping unit, which is optimized for mastering 2-sleeper tamping: this tamping unit excels if both turnout and track maintenance is required. The 4x8 tamping unit continuously employs 2-sleeper mode. This mode is optimally suited for large radii and uses a higher working speed. If you prioritize high performance over the flexibility offered by 1-sleeper mode, the 4x8 tamping unit is the ideal choice for you.


Series: Unimat 09/4S

Universal tamping units for plain-line tracks and turnouts operate according to the non-synchronous constant pressure tamping principle with a tamping frequency of 35 Hz and an amplitude of 5 mm.

Careful turnout maintenance: the lifting and lining unit and additional 3rd-rail lifting unit distribute the lifting forces uniformly

100% complete turnout maintenance thanks to flexibly adjustable tamping units

Day or night, everything in sight: the working-mode light and swivelling LED floodlights provide optimal lighting for the working area, individual work units, and the track at the front and rear of the machine.

The levelling and lining measuring system features a sturdy mechanical design with measuring axles. Steel chords are used as reference bases to connect the individual measuring points. This proven technology ensures precision even under harsh track conditions.

Plasser SmartTamping is an important evolutionary step towards automated, digitalized track and turnout maintenance. Plasser SmartTamping components integrate seamlessly with one another and can be implemented on the machines either individually or as a fully integrated system.

An ideal overview of the section you are working on: you can choose Plasser SmartTamping as additional equipment. It comes with a large, high-resolution screen that allows machine operators to keep an eye on what is ahead of them.

Optional equipment: Plasser SmartTamping Three indicator lamps give you the green light or warn about irregularities.

100 % under control

Optional equipment: Dynamic Track Stabilizer

Optional equipment: inertial track geometry measuring system

Curve Alignment Laser

Extended measuring basis for accurate levelling and lining operations for straight track, curved track, and turnouts: The CAL Curve Alignment Laser is an optional feature. It can also be used in relation to fixed points.

Laser control for the 3rd-rail lifting unit Absolute precision: A removable rotary laser unit on the lifting and lining measuring trolley ensures controlled lifting operations in the area of the divided bearers.

Sleeper-end consolidators

Plasser & Theurer’s hydraulically powered sleeper-end consolidators compact the ballast around the sleeper ends.

Plasser InfraScan

Detects dangers early on and serves as a database for re-opening sections of track following maintenance. Measurements can take place during regular traffic and the work process. The data recorded can be used to analyse the structure gauge, ballast distribution, measurements of the track platform and contact wire positions as well as the position of the adjacent track.

Multiple operation

For self-propelled transfer travel in the machine formation, a driving control desk also controls the propulsion and braking of a coupled ballast regulating machine. An additional feature in the P-IC control system makes this possible.

Central on-tracking device for measuring axles

This device is another feature that makes work easier and improves safety. In addition, it is especially helpful when it is not possible to be physically present on sections of track.

Prepared for tomorrow’s market:

machines in the 09/4S series are also available with the new, revolutionary E³ drive concept. The hybrid version enables the machine to be operated fully electrically during running and working mode.

The versatile all-rounder of modern tamping machines

Eco-friendliness and cost efficiency go hand in hand in the long term

Series: Unimat 09/4S

Unimat 09/4S E³ machines are already meeting the challenges of tomorrow today, from lower budgets for operating resources to stricter environmental protection requirements, increasing noise reduction measures, more stringent emission limits, and construction works in tunnels and urban areas.


Our aim and our vision is to contribute to the long-term success of the railway system through innovative products and services.

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