Unimat 09-8x4/4S Dynamic

Flexible high-performance for tamping tracks and turnouts

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Synchronous 3-rail lifting unit for turnouts

For turnout tamping in the area of the long bearers, we offer an automatic, synchronous 3-rail lifting unit for the diverging rail. Using the lifting and lining unit, the track is raised synchronously. The length of the telescopic arm adapts automatically to the course of the rails as the machine moves forward. Particularly on heavy superstructures, the stresses on rail fastenings, rails, and sleepers are within the permissible range at all times. Equipping the work unit with a slewing limitation prevents infringement of the adjacent track clearance gauge during work.

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Enjoy the benefits of standardisation with ModularCustomizing

We manufacture machines in our ModularCustomizing category based on a platform strategy. This makes maintenance, spare parts management, training, and homologations more efficient while tailoring them to you. The benefits of this approach are most obvious with our tamping machines, which have 100 configuration options from the get-go.