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Mr. Max-Theurer, where does Plasser & Theurer stand today?

We are experiencing a time of great change. We all have to adapt to that. But some things never change: first and foremost, it is always our ambition to support our customers in their daily work in the best possible way. This has always represented one of Plasser & Theurer's traditional values.

Where does this ambition stem from?

Today, we believe in the railway system more than ever. All of us, our customers and our company, are part of this system and want to contribute to its success. Because the railway is not an outdated mobility concept. On the contrary. It is experiencing a global renaissance. A development that will not stop in the future. Population growth, the increasing demand for mobility, the urbanisation of living space, climate change, and the possibilities of digitalisation all have a major impact on the future design of railways and railway infrastructure.

Digitalisation is another keyword – which opportunities does it hold?

We are preparing for a new era in track construction and maintenance. Smart apps, online availability, and virtual tools enable easy access to the relevant data on individual machines, fleets, and infrastructure. Our aim is to make it easy to control complex machine technology.


We want to create added value through our actions by improving the interaction between people, machines, and infrastructure.
Johannes Max-Theurer


Everyone is talking about carbon neutrality. What is Plasser & Theurer’s take on that?

Ecofriendliness and cost efficiency go hand in hand in the long term. Sustainable, resourcesaving, and clean solutions in the construction and maintenance of railway infrastructure are our focus. And we are in an excellent position to set groundbreaking standards here.

These are major challenges. How do you react to them and what can your customers count on?

At Plasser & Theurer, we want to enable a railway industry that is ready and able to meet enormous challenges through innovative developments and solutions. That is what we stand for today. That is what we stood for yesterday. And that is what we will stand for tomorrow. That is why we were, are, and will remain fit for the future by tradition. In short: We are a partner our customers can rely on unconditionally.

The railway system -
connecting people

Why does Plasser & Theurer exist?
Because people and their goods have to be transported from A to B.

In the future, passenger and freight railways will be the backbone of the transport system – more than they are today. They form a complex transport system that can be most successful where all subsystems work together perfectly. Plasser & Theurer helps to ensure this and to secure the mobility of the future.

With our innovative products and services, we aim to make a lasting contribution to the success of the railway system and to ensure the lasting success of our family-run company.


Plasser & Theurer machines are operating
in 110 countries.

We believe
that the railway system is the most cost-efficient, green, sustainable, and environmentally friendly transport system in the world.

We are convinced
that this system will help tackle major challenges arising from population growth, global warming, and the need for mobility on a global scale.

We see ourselves
as part of the railway system. That is why we want to contribute to its success.

Part of a

Ongoing collaboration with railway operators, railway contractors, railway consultants, universities, and research centres plays an important role for Plasser & Theurer. On this basis, machines and services can be developed that meet the actual requirements placed on the railway system.

We are convinced that the only way we can meet the high demands of the modern railway system is with the best materials and services. Only through good communication can we successfully fulfil our tasks. Our close contact with our suppliers and customers confirms that we are on the right track.

0.0 mm

Tolerances for track geometry are barely larger than the width of a strand of hair

High capacity, precision,
reliability, sustainability

We drive the innovation, ecofriendliness, and cost efficiency of railway infrastructure by focusing on our core values: high capacity, precision, and reliability.

The first priority for us is always the benefit customers reap from our solutions. In line with the saying “the best is the enemy of the good”, we are not afraid to challenge established solutions in order to improve our products, services, and ourselves.

0.0 Million

Participation in the construction and maintenance of more than 1.3 million kilometres of track


All around the world, rising levels of pollution and an ever increasing need for mobility are affecting our environment. Plasser & Theurer believes that eco-friendly railways are the transport system
of the future. Thanks to our technical expertise accumulated over some 70 years, we are already in a position to do our part for a future that is both green and mobile.

We aim to create, establish, and uphold lasting values through our actions. It is not enough to comply with applicable laws, regulations, and specifications. Instead, we actively support the idea of ecofriendliness through innovative green technologies.

High-speed traffic

Domestic rail traffic


Pas­senger vehicle

Long-distance flights
incl. sec­ondary effects

Domestic flights
incl. sec­ondary effects

6 g

41 g

104 g

171 g

195 g

254 g

Sustainable solutions

CO₂ emissions: Average emissions of various modes of transport per passenger.

Source: BEIS/Defra Greenhouse Gas Conversion Factors 2019

More about sustainability

Plasser & Theurer as an employer

Plasser & Theurer is an Austrian private company. We believe in Austria as a business location. This is why we develop and manufacture our machines here. Last but not least, it is our success that allows us to be a good employer.

Plasser & Theurer is synonymous with high-quality machinery. This is not only evident in the short term, when the machines are working reliably after having just gone into operation, but also in the longer term when they are still operating efficiently on the track many decades later.
Highly responsible employees with great technical competence, employed in every department at Plasser & Theurer, are decisive for achieving this high quality.


About 6.000 employees worldwide

Machine • Fleet • Infrastructure

Plasser & Theurer is working on continuously improving safety, reliability, and cost efficiency as well as the digitalisation of the solutions offered.

With the Machine – Fleet – Infrastructure product and service portfolio, we provide support for our machines throughout their entire life cycle and, with the future in mind, also offer complementary services for railway infrastructure. For around 70 years, Plasser & Theurer’s focus has been on developing, building, and exporting track maintenance machines. The result of our consistent work is an enormous wealth of experience from which we have been able to create technologies, machines, and machine systems that are considered to be the gold standard in many areas of track maintenance.

We are continuing to expand our product and service portfolio so we can offer you user-friendly and more cost-efficient end-to-end solutions. They are for building, maintaining, and monitoring railway tracks that are precise and long-lasting.

Digital excellence

The path towards industry 4.0: Plasser & Theurer’s pioneering work is shaping the digitalisation of railways.

Today’s railway industry is undergoing a fundamental technological transition. There is also the challenge of having our machines deliver even greater output in an even more precise manner with even less time available. Plasser & Theurer machines can already perform surveys while working, act semi autonomously, and have artificial intelligence.

More about P&T Research

Progressive, pioneering, leading – the future of track construction is already being created today at Plasser & Theurer.
Johannes Max-Theurer

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