Sweeper trailer

Sweeping, storing and ballasting

Placing the right amount of ballast in the right spot

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Ballast is a valuable resource. Surplus ballast must be removed, and ballast has to be replaced where it is lacking – ideally directly in the tamping zones. A hydrostatically powered sweeper unit transports the ballast via a transverse conveyor belt to the ballast shoulder or via a steep conveyor belt to a hopper.

The trailer module for ballast management allows you to handle small amounts of ballast independently within the turnout. Discharging openings with hydraulic flaps ensure that the right amount of ballast is placed in the right spot. The machine can also be equipped with a dust-arresting atomiser unit with a water tank.

Ensuring track safety

In addition to sweeping the sleepers, our machines can sweep sleeper cribs using a special brush. After “deep sweeping”, the topmost layer of ballast is lower than the top edge of the sleeper. This prevents the risk of flying ballast, particularly on high-speed lines.

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