0 tonnes of CO2

less per machine and year

0 million euros

less per machine and year

Plasser & Theurer has set itself the goal of creating a "fossil-free machine", i.e. one that does not require fossil fuels. The next milestone is to equip 50% of the machines produced in Europe with alternative drive systems by 2030.

Electric instead of fossil

Until now, track maintenance machines have used internal combustion engines for running and working. Diesel engines drive the machines during transfer travel and provide the hydraulic pressure for working at the worksite. This leads to CO₂ emissions, causes noise, and is problematic during construction work in tunnels and in densely populated areas.

The alternative: green current from the overhead contact line powers electric drives. This applies to the drive, but also to the work units, which are converted from hydraulic to electric.

The use of electric current as an energy source reduces local CO₂ emissions to zero and makes operation significantly more energy-efficient.

Diverse solutions bring more sustainability

Plasser & Theurer offers eco-retrofits with electric tamping units for existing fleets. They reduce the rotational speed of diesel engines, decreasing fuel consumption in existing fleets.

Machines for the construction and maintenance of the overhead contact line cannot be supplied via the contact wire during working. They have batteries that supply power for an entire shift. They are charged during transfer travel via the overhead contact line, via recuperation, and there is a power pack as a backup.

Internal combustion engines are still the standard in many areas. Plasser & Theurer is focusing on alternative, climate-neutral fuels. Possible applications for fuel cells and hydrogen are also being researched. However, they will only become relevant for railway construction and maintenance in the future.

Emission-free track maintenance

On track to achieving the goal

Hydraulic tamping units with frequency control reduce noise and increase service life

+30% increase in performance thanks to continuous working action and up to +40% thanks to multi-sleeper tamping technology

Work and travel electrically thanks to hybrid drive technology that saves up to 3 million euros over the entire life cycle and 400 t CO₂ per year, with noise reductions of 20 dB(A)

Electrified tamping units decrease noise emissions and increase total efficiency while reducing fuel consumption by up to 40%

Completely carbon-neutral work and travel with all electrically powered machines and work units