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As the most eco-friendly means of transport, the railway plays an important role in the context of climate change. The pressure for greater sustainability, availability, and higher capacity is also increasing in this context.

Plasser & Theurer focused on sustainability from an early stage of product development. As a result, we are now the only provider of a comprehensive range of sustainable technologies with clear, measurable, and long-term benefits for the railway and the environment.

The requirements of the market, regulatory authorities, and stakeholders are diverse: energy-efficient, economical, quiet, low-emission, eco-friendly, user-friendly, resource-saving, easy to maintain, time-saving, acceptance-promoting.

Plasser & Theurer strives to create sustainable value. E³ characterizes machines that make a significant contribution to this goal and have alternative drives.

Our goal is to deliver sustainable solutions for climate-friendly track maintenance. Click here to read more about this topic.

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