• Maximum flexibility thanks to the pivoting tamping unit, eight tamping unit segments that can be lowered individually, and tilting tamping tines
  • Increased performance through continuous working action and 2-sleeper tamping technology
  • React to obstacles flexibly by switching to 1-sleeper tamping mode
  • Designed to treat the heaviest types of superstructure (heavy-haul lines)
  • Reaches the worksite fast thanks to a maximum speed of 100 km/h during self-propelled transfer travel
  • Spacious multi-purpose areas (e.g. workshop, crew area)
  • Fast approval at reduced cost thanks to the use of standardized machine components and systems

Technical data

Series: Unimat 09-8x4/4S

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Technical data and factsheet

8x4 tamping unit

Tamping with high performance and maximum flexibility
The 8x4 tamping unit is an entirely new category in the field of universal tamping technology. As its name suggests, it features eight independent tamping unit segments with tiltable tamping tines. The continuous 2-sleeper Unimat 09-8x4/4S tamping machine can switch to 1-sleeper tamping mode as required. This adds value, especially when working on hollow sleepers, where the point machine is located, or on twin sleepers. Double-slip turnout tamping is turnout tamping at its finest. The 8x4 tamping unit easily masters this task using its power reserves and versatility. Thanks to these features, your machine combines the high performance of 2-sleeper tamping with maximum flexibility.


Unimat 09-8x4/4S

Machine illustration

Unimat 09-8x4/4S



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