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Cost-efficient maintenance, especially with short track possessions


increase in output thanks to multiple-sleeper tamping

High-capacity tamping using the 09-X series

The gold standard for MULTI-sleeper track tamping machines

  • In operation all over the world thanks to outstanding quality: the tamping unit creates more sustainability thanks to simultaneous tamping of multiple sleepers
  • Greater output while producing excellent quality: continuous working action achieves spectacular increases in output. Technology that continues to set standards to this day.

High-capacity lines require high-performance maintenance

Express tamping - maximum quality for track maintenance: Plasser & Theurer tamping technology ensures process reliability.

Technological advantages and options:

  • 3-sleeper tamping units
  • Lifting and lining unit
  • Frequency control and frequency synchronization
  • Lower axle loads (< 20 t), approved for line category C2
  • Plasser IntelligentControl, SmartALC, Data Recording Processor
  • New cab design and improved ergonomic design
  • Sleeper detection system
  • Levelling and Alignment Laser
  • 920 mm wheelsets on all axles

Examples of the product

Series: 09-X

Nowadays, its powerful performance is in demand more than ever: a Tamping Express can easily handle the short track possessions and tight schedules for maintenance work. More than 1,800 09-X tamping machines are operating on plain-line tracks around the world. And we are still moving with the times: with its modern industrial design, the new 09-X series offers its tried-and-tested output combined with new ecological drives and integrated additional modules. ModularCustomizing, including a trailer selection specific to the user, gives you exactly the machine you need with the features you want. A crew cab, workshop cab, material trailer, or a Dynamic Track Stabilizer – the possibilities are almost endless.


Tamping machines in the 09-X series are designed for maximum tamping performance. As early as 1983, Plasser & Theurer combined MULTI-sleeper tamping and continuous working action to create a new output category. In 1995, the Tamping Express took things to the next level.

Advantages of multi-sleeper tamping

However, continuously working MULTI-sleeper tamping machines show their full potential not only in short track possessions during maintenance tamping. Machines in the X series also offer advantages when laying new track, for example, following extensive track rehabilitation. They are designed for high lifting and lining forces. As lifts take place in multiple work stages, this also means the machine’s increased output allows you to complete construction noticeably faster.

For quality reasons: MULTI-sleeper tamping units provide more uniform working action, which translates into higher maintenance quality. Owing to a longer frame, bending stress of the rails decreases. And the subframe bogie that fixes it in place prevents elastic rebound of the track after tamping, lining, and lifting.

3X tamping unit

When time is of the essence
The 09-3X’s key component is the 3-sleeper tamping unit. It allows the machine to tamp three sleepers simultaneously during one single tamping process. Whether it’s maintenance operation or tamping newly laid track: compared to the continuous 2-sleeper tamping machine, the 09-3X model increases output by 30 to 40%. And that’s not its maximum performance, but rather, an average value. In 1996, the 3-sleeper tamping technology was introduced for the first time. Ever since, the concept has been used around the world and continues to live up to its reputation. Globally, the name 09-3X is synonymous with simplified worksite logistics, optimal utilization of track possessions as well as reduced costs for administration and staff.

2X tamping unit

The continuous classic for 2-sleeper tamping
The required tamping performance per time unit determines the size of the tamping unit. In that sense, a high annual output may be just as crucial as short track possessions on high-capacity lines. The 09-2X and 09-3X models are equipped with the same frame design, and the 09-2X employs 2-sleeper working technology. This 2-sleeper technology provides optimal conditions assuming tamping at maximum speed is less of a priority. You have the choice of either a classic 2-sleeper tamping machine or a machine which can switch to tamping individual sleepers using 1X mode (09-2X/SD).

100% under control

Complex processes, intuitive operation
Controlling and monitoring track maintenance machines through a user interface is crucial for high-quality maintenance. With state-of-the-art computer systems, it has become possible to further automate the operation of track maintenance machines and to provide optimal support for machine operators. This makes work easier and ensures consistent, highly reliable processes.

Technical data

Series: 09-X series

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Technical data and fact sheets


In operation all over the world thanks to outstanding quality: the tamping unit creates more sustainability thanks to simultaneous tamping of multiple sleepers.

Increased output while producing excellent quality: continuous working action achieves spectacular increases in output. Technology that continues to set standards to this day.

Day or night, everything in sight: the working-mode light and swivelling LED floodlights provide optimal lighting for the working area, individual work units, and the track at the front and rear of the machine.

The Unimat 09-X series is fitted with several high-resolution colour cameras and their respective screens inside the cabins.

The levelling and lining measuring system features a sturdy mechanical design with measuring axles. Steel chords are used as reference bases to connect the individual measuring points. This proven technology ensures precision even under harsh track conditions.

A special focus on practical features, ergonomic design, and high quality: Machines from the 09-X series are equipped with three enclosed, heat-insulated, sound-insulated, and vibration-proof cabs: one at the front and one at the rear of the machine as well as one at the work units.

HRL Levelling and Alignment Laser: All relevant parameters are quickly and easily recognisable. The HRL Levelling and Alignment Laser expands the measuring base of the levelling and lining measuring system by up to 300 m.

Sound-insulating features: For reduced noise emissions, e.g. during night work in populated areas, there is the option to include lateral sound-protection panels at the tamping units or the stabilising units. To ensure optimal visibility, we recommend opting for a dust-arresting atomiser unit.

Automatic sleeper detection: A sensor in the front bogie automatically records the position of the sleepers. The P-IC Control System adjusts the tamping units. The system relieves the operator, who now only supervises the process.

Sleeper-end consolidator: Plasser & Theurer’s hydraulically powered sleeper-end consolidators compact the ballast around the sleeper ends.

Ballast deflector unit: Especially when working on newly laid track, it guarantees the proper functioning of the lifting and lining unit and the lining measuring system.

Genset: The diesel-powered genset supplies the on-board power network during downtimes. It protects the main engine and saves fuel.

Multiple operation: For running mode in the machine formation in self-propelled mode, a driving control panel also controls the propulsion and braking of a coupled ballast regulating machine. An additional feature in the P-IC control system makes this possible.

Central on-tracking device for measuring and tensioning trolleys A camera system enables the operator to ensure correct on-tracking and to bring the measuring axles into their exact working position from inside the cab. This avoids damage, increases operational safety, and reduces set-up times.

Video monitoring: The re-railing process and operations can be monitored from within the machine: the video system transmits camera images from the immediate vicinity of the Dynamic Track Stabiliser into the safe work cab.

Workshop and crew area: It is possible to include a crew area, a chemical on-board toilet, or a workshop area in the front section of the machine. You can utilise the space as an on-board office and workshop. Your employees will be protected from weather and rail traffic.

More speed and consistent quality with the 09-X series

Our high level of quality creates sustainability.

Series: 09-X series

High-quality work extends the intervals between maintenance operations and ensures resources are used sparingly. In addition, Plasser & Theurer’s eco-friendly machines use consumables economically. We recommend Panolin lubricants for our products. These biodegradable oils are much eco-friendlier than other substances with the same effect. Your Plasser & Theurer machine allows operation in a train consist. This increases cost-efficiency and benefits the environment: the multiple traction control system during transfer travel reduces the costs and effort of transferring the machine under own power.


All around the world, rising levels of pollution and the ever increasing need for mobility are affecting our environment. For that reason, Plasser & Theurer is promoting the railway system as the eco-friendly mode of transport of the future.