09-4X E³ Dynamic Tamping Express

The next step - the hybrid machine

Environmental protection & sustainability

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Continuous action

09-4X E³ Dynamic Tamping Express

  • The worlds first track tamping machine with hybrid drive
  • New machine design with separate hybrid drive car
  • Powered via diesel engine or high performance  electric motor
  • Switching over between the drive systems without interrupting the continuous working action
  • Electric drive for travelling AND working
  • Lower energy and logistic costs
  • Uniform and safe lifting
  • More stable track geometry due to simultaneous tamping of four sleepers
  • Integrated dynamic track stabilisation
  • New cabin design with improved ergonomics
  • Simple and clearly laid-out operating concept
  • Front cabin with WIN-ALC automatic guiding computer
  • DRP Data Recording Processor: Measuring, documenting and evaluating the track geometry during work
  • Reduced noise emission thanks to extensive noise protection measures

Noise protection and sound-insulating features

In the area of the work units, tamping machines can be equipped with lateral noise protection panels. This is important for the operation in densely built-up areas, for instance in Japan. 
To counteract possible generation of dust during the tamping process and to provide the operator with good visibility, particularly when using noise protection panels, a water spray system can be installed at the tamping units. It is activated when the tamping units are lowered and switched off when they are lifted.

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Individual Design for your individualised machine

When it comes to complex high-capacity machines, the requirements of machine operating companies do vary. Country-specific criteria and individual needs are equally important. We satisfy your special requirements with Individual Design machines. This means we design and manufacture machines tailored to you. In particular, your experiences in daily operation shape the final product. 

Economic – Ecologic – Ergonomic

The latest track maintenance machines use both the electrical energy from the contact wire and batteries to power the working drive. Our new E³ drive technologies reduce local emissions - of both pollutants and noise – to a minimum on the work site. Introduced in 2015, Plasser & Theurer’s E³ machines stand for: Economic – Ecologic – Ergonomic.