Plasser TampingReport

In addition to the DRP Data Recording Processor‘s results report, the Plasser TampingReport allows you to document detailed information on the work sequences performed. 

Machine operators can use it to provide proof of technologically correct maintenance and, particularly in the case of turnout maintenance, have a competitive advantage in terms of quality. lnfrastructure managers can check to see that maintenance was performed in line with their standards and analyse its effectiveness. 

The Plasser TampingReport allows you to adjust and optimize planning of upcoming work based on the information recorded. This information can be used to help with strategic decisions, for example, tenders for maintenance work. 

Added value

Plasser TampingReport

  • Quality
    • Digital documentation of maintenance work 
    • Web-based report with intuitive use 
    • Better work results thanks to analysis options and data-based decisions
  • Efficiency
    • Support for planning future work
  • Transparency
    • Proof for machine operators and infrastructure managers 
    • Possible to check if the work performed is technologically correct and if it meets requirements
  • Modular expandability
    • Possible to combine with the Plasser TampingAssistant 
    • Possible to integrate the Plasser TampingControl


Plasser TampingReport