Plasser 08-16 SH

Split-head technology

Versatile tamping machine for tracks and turnouts

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Urban transport
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Cyclic action

The Plasser 08-16 SH represents the standard for compact tamping machines in split-head design. It contains the tamping and measuring technology of high performance tamping machines. For this machine design we packed our top technology into a compact machine frame. The 3-axle basic structure with work units and measuring systems offers sufficient scope for individual equipment chosen from our modular system.

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PlasserSmartTamping – The Assistant

The digital future of turnout tamping has begun. “PlasserSmartTamping - The Assistant” is a turnout tamping assistance system that has revolutionised automation in tamping machines. It simplifies tamping in turnouts and crossings, with no extra measuring run needed. Particularly in times where there is a dearth of experienced staff, the system gives infrastructure operators security.
70 years of experience in tamping technology feed into the digital tamping assistant.

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Quality cuts costs: our machines turn a tidy profit

To date, Plasser & Theurer has supplied 17,000 machines. Most of them are still in operation. This attests to the quality of the machines and the value of our Customer Services’ life-long machine and fleet support. Plus, it proves that high quality ensures high cost-efficiency: machines that have been in operation for 20 or 30 years paid off years ago.