Key Features

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perfect tamping for every turnout sleeper

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less fuel costs thanks to PlasserMotionDrive

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more output during turnout maintenance thanks to the continuous working action

Unrivalled quality for tracks and turnouts

The equipment on board the Unimat 09-4x4/4S is all you need for perfect tamping result.

This relatively compact machine focuses on turnout maintenance. However, the continuous action tamping technology is also an advantage when maintaining connecting tracks and producing ramps before and after turnouts.

Universal tamping units for the non-synchronous constant pressure tamping principle for tracks and turnouts with a frequency of 35 Hz and an amplitude of 5 mm

Careful turnout maintenance: the lifting and lining unit (3-rail lifting unit) distributes the lifting forces uniformly

Flexible adjustment: the tilting design of the tamping tines makes it possible to tamp the entire turnout

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Continuous working action – Increases in tamping output

Setting standards to this day, the continuous working action achieves spectacular increases in performance. The Unimat 09-4x4/4S offers increased output while producing excellent quality. The machine makes it possible to optimise track possessions and achieve your return on investment quickly.

It combines the proven strengths of continuous action plain line tamping machines and the flexibility of turnout tamping machines: continuous forward motion and cyclic tamping for plain track and large parts of the turnout, 1-sleeper tamping unit for absolute flexibility and, if necessary, cyclic working action for complex turnouts.

Advantages of the continuous working action

  • Higher working speeds
  • Reduced line occupation times
  • Reduced track maintenance costs
  • Less stress for man and machine

PlasserModularCustomizing – creating a machine which suits your needs

Plasser & Theurer machines allow extensive, versatile modification. Modular expandability gives you the opportunity to individualise your Unimat to make it suit your needs.

We offer a great number of configuration options for our 09-4x4 series universal tamping machines to suit various operational strategies and track conditions. As maximum performance requires an approved, operational machine, we have established new standards to get your new Unimat to the work site in no time.

More than 100 configuration options: we individualise your machine to make it suit your needs.

Unimat 09-4x4/4S: technological advantages and options

  • Universal tamping units with 16 tilting tines
  • Pivoting suspension of tamping units
  • Rotation speed modulation and frequency synchronisation
  • 3-rail lifting and 4-rail tamping
  • Lower axle loads (< 20 t)
  • P-IC control system, SmartALC guiding computer, DRP recorder
  • PlasserMotionDrive: efficient drive technology
  • New cabin design and improved ergonomic design
  • Sleeper detection system
  • CAL curve laser

We put your machine on track in no time

Fast approval thanks to PlasserModularCustomizing:

Plasser & Theurer machines can be expanded on a modular basis. These expansions are based on platform programs and offer a major advantage: their technical design and quality comply with the machine’s initial approval. All railway testing has already been completed.

During the approval process, engineering professionals calculate the stability of the machine frames, bogies and the vehicle behaviour.

Safety is of utmost importance to us. Our separate Quality Assurance Department is responsible for machine acceptance and approval in compliance with the applicable standards and regulations as well as the required verification management. Plasser & Theurer’s railway testing body is EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited. PlasserModularCustomizing adds value by improving quality, ensuring on-schedule handling and increasing the availability of the machines.

The Unimat 09-4x4/4S complies with all standards. The approval process for auxiliary vehicles is similarly extensive. Ultimately, machines are vehicles which must comply with EN 14033. On request, we offer machines in compliance with the TSI LOC & PAS Technical Specification for Interoperability.

Individual configuration of your machine using Virtual Reality

Plasser & Theurer invites you to experience the individual configuration of a Unimat 09-4x4/4S at our exhibition stand at this year’s InnoTrans. Our VR tool, based on PlasserModularCustomizing, makes it possible. Then simply print out a copy of your design to take your dream machine home with you. 

Hybrid technology drives cost-efficiency

Prepared for tomorrow’s market: the Unimat 09-4x4/4S is also available as a hybrid machine. Fitted with the revolutionary new E³ drive technology, it can be fully electrically powered during travelling and working operation.

The Unimat 09-4x4/4S E³ is already meeting the challenges of tomorrow today, from lower budgets for operating resources to stricter environmental protection requirements, increasing noise reduction measures, more stringent emission limits and construction works in tunnels and urban areas. All rotary motions are fully electrically powered (transfer travel and work travel, tamping units, etc.). Linear movements remain hydraulically powered. The machine’s lower fuel consumption reduces both time and costs for refuelling, which in turn increases machine availability. The electrically powered working and transfer modes cut the machine’s operational costs considerably.

Economic: Increased cost-efficiency thanks to lower energy and logistics costs

Ecologic: Reduced pollutant emissions and increased fossil fuel savings

Ergonomic: Machine and cabins feature a clear, innovative, user-friendly design

Noise protection and sound-insulating features

In the area of the work units, tamping machines can be equipped with lateral noise protection panels. This is important for the operation in densely built-up areas, for instance in Japan. 
To counteract possible generation of dust during the tamping process and to provide the operator with good visibility, particularly when using noise protection panels, a water spray system can be installed at the tamping units. It is activated when the tamping units are lowered and switched off when they are lifted.

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