High capacity

4-rail tamping

This mode uses four tamping unit segments. The outer segments can be slewed out far enough that the long bearers of the diverging rail in the turnout can also be tamped. This is an ideal supplement to automated synchronous 3-rail lifting. Positioned on transverse guide columns, the inner tamping units can be displaced laterally. This enables them to be operated in the area inside and outside the respective rails. All four tamping units can be turned and thus adapted to the slanting position of the sleepers.


Split Head technology

Split Head tamping units for work on tracks, turnouts, and crossings are tamping units divided in longitudinal direction of the machine. Each of the two work unit halves can be lowered and put into action separately from the other. Additionally, both work unit halves, depending on the design, can be laterally displaced together or individually.
For operation on sections of plain track the two halves are locked together to form a tamping unit for tracks.


Quality of tamping tines

Our high-quality tamping tines allow higher kilometre outputs and have to be replaced less often. In both cases, our original tamping tines have set the standard. Their design is crucial: they are produced as monobloc components forged in one piece and coated with a tungsten-carbide armour for all surfaces that come into contact with the ballast. 


Tamping track with irregular sleeper spacing

Plasser & Theurer’s proven tamping technology can be used under almost all operating conditions. Sometimes there are sections of track with irregular, heterogeneous sleeper positioning. That is why Plasser & Theurer offers customised tamping units for different types of superstructure. Thanks to these special models with additional adjustment mechanisms, there is nothing you can’t handle.


The tamping simulator – High level of expertise within a short time

Practical training in a new dimension – the 09-3D tamping simulator
Our tamping simulators demonstrate the convincing advantages of modern simulation technology.



The standard in user-friendliness and process reliability: the track-geometry guiding computer provides ultimate operating comfort. Equipped with the SmartALC, tamping machines can work according to the precision method or the compensation method. Operators can select one of four pre-defined user profiles provided by the SmartALC to ensure their needs are met perfectly. Using AutoSync, for example, the machine automatically detects track defects.