High capacity

Advantages of multi-sleeper tamping

However, continuously working MULTI-sleeper tamping machines show their full potential not only in short track possessions during maintenance tamping. Machines in the X series also offer advantages when laying new track, for example, following extensive track rehabilitation. They are designed for high lifting and lining forces. As lifts take place in multiple work stages, this also means the machine’s increased output allows you to complete construction noticeably faster.

For quality reasons: MULTI-sleeper tamping units provide more uniform working action, which translates into higher maintenance quality. Owing to a longer frame, bending stress of the rails decreases. And the subframe bogie that fixes it in place prevents elastic rebound of the track after tamping, lining, and lifting.

up to
sleepers tamped in a single operation

The result counts

When it comes to tamping the ballast bed, our aim is efficiency and sustainability. Homogenous compaction is not enough. Our aim is to compact the track ballast as much as possible, thereby ensuring a stable track geometry, anticipating settlements, and maintaining the target geometry in the long term. On top of it all, we offer the Dynamic Track Stabiliser: it anticipates initial settlements in a controlled manner, with spatial compaction making the track geometry last longer.

Combined with Dynamic Overlifting, we target the “track’s memory” to prevent faults from reoccurring.


In 110 countries

You can choose from a complete range of tamping units for all track and turnout maintenance applications, classified according to output and performance requirements. They are available in various designs and sizes: the perfect fit for all our tamping machines.


Synchronous 3-rail lifting unit for turnouts

For turnout tamping in the area of the long bearers, we offer an automatic, synchronous 3-rail lifting unit for the diverging rail. Using the lifting and lining unit, the track is raised synchronously. The length of the telescopic arm adapts automatically to the course of the rails as the machine moves forward. Particularly on heavy superstructures, the stresses on rail fastenings, rails, and sleepers are within the permissible range at all times. Equipping the work unit with a slewing limitation prevents infringement of the adjacent track clearance gauge during work.


The tamping simulator – High level of expertise within a short time

Practical training in a new dimension – the 09-3D tamping simulator
Our tamping simulators demonstrate the convincing advantages of modern simulation technology.


The measuring system for documenting track geometry

The digital recording processor (DRP) records, evaluates, and displays various track parameters, such as the longitudinal level, alignment, crosslevel, and twist. The real-time display on the panel PC enables immediate analysis of the individual channels and makes it possible to describe individual events using the comment function.