Plassermatic 08-275/4 ZW-Y

The compact one for the urban sector

Self-loading tamping machine, also for Y-type sleepers

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Urban transport
Industrial railways
Field of application
Working mode
Cyclic action
Spot maintenance

Plassermatic 08-275/4 ZW-Y

Self-loading, cyclic action single-sleeper levelling, lifting, lining and tamping machine for plain track and turnouts, also suited for continuous tamping of Y-type sleepers

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PlasserDatamatic 2.0 – MachineConditionObserver
Controlling operation and servicing digitally

Fleet and maintenance managers can access information on the condition of their machines at any time, allowing for condition-based maintenance and enabling them to plan required measures ahead of time. 
The exact machine position can be accessed at any time, facilitating operations planning and refuelling. The management receives informative reports, providing the basis for strategic decisions.

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Quality cuts costs: our machines turn a tidy profit

To date, Plasser & Theurer has supplied 17,000 machines. Most of them are still in operation. This attests to the quality of the machines and the value of our Customer Services’ life-long machine and fleet support. Plus, it proves that high quality ensures high cost-efficiency: machines that have been in operation for 20 or 30 years paid off years ago.