Added value


Potential savings per hour of operation

Track maintenance machines used for works on the overhead line system in tunnels and urban areas must be equipped with soot particle filter units when they use combustion engines to reduce diesel engine emissions.

The E³ drive technology allows machines to be operated free of any exhaust emissions.


Due to the busy timetables, maintenance and construction works mostly have to be carried out during night-time track possessions or on weekends, leading to protests by lineside residents. The E³ drive technology significantly reduces the noise emitted on work sites.


Our machines’ new industrial design has allowed us to standardise components and systems. This improves their quality, ensures on-schedule handling and increases the availability of the machines. Both the interior and exterior machine design have set a completely new standard of experience, creating an added value for staff and lineside residents. Ergonomically optimised workplaces make it easier to recruit machine staff.

Electrical power from the overhead line increases EFFICIENCY

The E³ technology lowers the operating costs as it allows for increases in energy efficiency, uses traction current and reduces the use of fossil fuels and lubricants. In addition, it reduces the noise exposure of the machine staff and lineside residents. According to an annual assessment carried out in Switzerland, the savings potential is € 177.00 per hour of operation.

Energy transfer without losses

The full electrification of the machines, i.e. both the supply of energy from the overhead line and the transfer of energy, are carried out electrically. This provides further benefits. In conventional, hydraulic systems, frictional resistance and heat generation cause great losses, particularly if hoses are long.  Thus, the electrical transfer of energy increases the efficiency of the entire system.

Linear movements will continue to be powered hydraulically. Hydraulic power packs, which are positioned close to the work units, shorten the length of the hydraulic hoses, which reduces losses significantly.

For the first time, the machine’s drive unit is powered electrically. Compared to the hydraulic drive, the new electrical axle drives considerably improve power transmission, reducing the energy required.

Also for the first time, the vibration shafts of the tamping units on the Unimat 09-4x4/4S E³ are powered electrically. This allows for faster response characteristic, more accurate unit activation, reduced noise levels during operation and reduced power demand.