Sustainability and environmental protection

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Reduces CO<sub>2</sub> emissions per 100 hours

Already today, track maintenance machines with E³ technology contribute to meeting the climate targets of the railways by:

  • reducing the use of fossil fuels
  • feeding energy to the grid
  • reducing the consumption of hydraulic oils
  • using only environmentally friendly oils
  • reducing wear on parts such as brakes
  • improving the working conditions due to ergonomically optimised workplaces
  • reducing noise emissions

Experiences gained in practical operation have shown that the Unimat 09‑32/4S Dynamic E³ reduces CO2 emission by 29 t per 100 hours of operation. This reduction is only based on working operation - the electrically powered transfer travel allows for increasing savings even further. The versatile E³ technology contributes decisively to the environment’s protection, ensuring the pioneering role of the railways as an environmentally friendly mode of transport.