Tamping tine

Tamping tines

Tamping longer and faster

Longer service life as a result of improved design
The shape of the tamping tines reduces the resistance when penetrating the ballast. This also reduces wear.

Higher output per kilometre and extended replacement cycles

A decisive factor for the high quality and cost-effectiveness of our tamping tines are the monobloc design and the cemented carbide plating. The sleek design significantly reduces the resistance when the tine penetrates the ballast. The tapered underside of the tamping tine plate builds up a counterforce that provides relief where the tine is mounted on the tamping unit.


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Our services

  • Manufactured as a forged monobloc component
  • Sleek improved design
  • Tapered tamping tine plate (5 degrees)
  • Protective layer with cemented carbide plating
  • Manufactured with the use of a Helicoil insert

Your benefit

  • High robustness for long useful life
  • Low penetration resistance
  • Relief of tamping tine mounting
  • Increased useful life: increased protection of contact surfaces
  • Easier dismantling of tamping tine thanks to Helicoil