Accuracy leads to new contracts

Precise, robust, durable, and low-maintenance solutions

Most transducers used in our machines are produced in-house. This ensures that we deliver the quality needed to lay and maintain tracks cost-efficiently. Given the stringent acceptance criteria laid down by infrastructure managers, such instruments can be a decisive competitive advantage that helps win additional contracts. In addition, all components manufactured by us have the robust design required for mechanised track maintenance. This is how transducers contribute towards the high availability and the long service life of our machines.


Our services

  • Precise, robust, durable, and low-maintenance solutions such as drive transducers, versine measuring transducers, levelling transducers, angular displacement transducers, roller chord transducers, etc.
  • Galvanically isolated absolute value transducers (the output voltage remains stable when the supply voltage fluctuates)
  • Serial number
  • With documentation upon request (for new and repair parts) 

Your benefit

  • Economic efficiency through high quality
  • Extremely precise and almost wear-free: our transducers of the latest generation perform contact-free measurements