Technical Service

Technical Service ensures reliability from the very first day

Our customers have high expectations from Plasser & Theurer machines: they want greater outputs, faster project implementation, higher quality of work, and – last but not least – increased cost-efficiency. Our Technical Service ensures that these expectations are met from the very first day. As soon as a machine reaches the customer, the specialists responsible for technical customer service all over the world get down to work.


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Competent training increases cost-efficiency

Once the machine has reached the customer's premises, our technical service ensures that it is put into operation properly, meaning that all machine functions work perfectly from the very first day.

During the following practical training of the machine personnel, enormous potentials are unlocked: the machine's economic benefit increases with the ability to operate it correctly and efficiently. Practical experience has confirmed this time and time again. Practical training, particularly in the beginning, helps unlock the machines' full potential and prevents operating errors, which can incur considerable costs. 

Expert maintenance extends service life

Expert maintenance is crucial to ensure that a machine works cost-efficiently and is available for as long as possible. Our service technicians' expertise makes this possible. Gained in many years, we share this knowledge and expertise with the maintenance staff of our customers. This creates the basis for operating the machines cost-efficiently for as long as possible. 

Technical service beyond the warranty period

When the contractually agreed warranty period of our machines comes to an end, our technical service continues to be available at any time. We offer competent support via telephone or the Internet, allowing many problems to be solved immediately. It goes without saying that we also offer on-site support and carry out repairs.

To ensure this, the expertise of our service technicians is gaining importance. It is a unique strength that results from the direct access to the Plasser & Theurer know-how. 

Making longer use of the productivity

Our customers are increasingly making use of our technical service offer. This is due to the fact that they want to make the best of their machines' productivity for as long as possible.

We have expanded our Plasser & Theurer service network step by step to meet our customers' demand. Today, the technical service offered by Plasser & Theurer and its partner firms is available to customers in all regions of the world.

Contact our technical service at +43 732 7666 11508 or send an email to