Start a new life cycle with VEDO

Maximise availability and functionality once again

The service package for your machine refurbishment

Restoring maximum availability and functionality

The new service package for the overhaul of your machine

When a machine needs its first major overhaul, operators want to know how to bring it back to top condition as cost-efficiently as possible. Our answer is VEDO. The new service package includes all necessary spare parts and services.

VEDO starts with a machine audit carried out by competent service technicians. In a second phase, the machine condition is documented in a comprehensive audit report. It is the basis for our offer, covering the spare parts and measures needed to overhaul or modernise the machine efficiently. It is our pleasure to provide you with any support you may need in the implementation of the works.

Your benefit

  • Greater availability
  • Full functionality
  • Machine audit using the manufacturer’s know-how
  • Reliable and comprehensive audit report
  • VEDO offer for all required spare parts and measures
  • Compliance with the quality criteria of the world market leader
  • Modernisation options

Thorough inspection during machine audit

The first step in bringing your machine back to top condition is the audit by our service technicians. The thorough inspection of a standard track maintenance machine, for instance, is carried out within one day and comprises a check of the safety systems, drive components, work units, comfort equipment and the entire remaining equipment. It includes both a general and a detailed assessment of the level of wear. If the machine is ready for service, a functional test is carried out.

A standardised report summarises the inspection results. On its basis, we prepare both the audit report and the offer.

Clear and comprehensive audit report

The audit report consists of two main parts: the summary describes the overall condition of the machine concisely. The detailed report includes photos and describes which parts and components must be overhauled, repaired or replaced, and which are in good condition.

Offer on the basis of the unique VEDO principle

The report provides the basis for the offer, which lists the required spare parts and informs about the optional services for their installation. Our offer ranges from consulting to the implementation of all works in a Plasser & Theurer workshop.

The unique advantage of the VEDO offer is that it provides immediate information about the urgency of the individual measures.

  • V stands for vital and classifies all measures relevant to basic functions and machine safety.
  • E stands for essential and refers to all parts and measures crucial to restoring the wear reserve to 100%.
  • D stands for desirable and categorises all measures and parts which improve the machine's appearance and staff comfort.
  • O stands for optional and recommends parts for the modernisation and upgrade of the machine.

New worldwide standard in overhauls

We offer the VEDO service package in cooperation with our partner companies around the world. The machine audits, audit reports and VEDO offers are based on standardised protocols. All processes and services comply with the high quality criteria of Plasser & Theurer.