The path to exemplary working efficiency

Until the middle of the 20th century, track laying and track maintenance required heavy manual labour. Work sites were characterised by manual methods of work that made large numbers of staff necessary. Today, railway construction is among the most efficient industrial sectors with the highest level of automation.

The historic achievement of Plasser & Theurer is the significant contribution it has made to this development. Since 1953, we have been setting technological milestones enabling higher working speeds, higher quality of work and, on the bottom line, economic advantages for our customers and the railway.

70 years of Plasser & Theurer: turning innovations into standards

Plasser CatenaryCrafter 15.4 E³

Emission-free and quiet battery mode for overhead contact line construction

Complete turnout inspection in just four minutes

With the new non-contacting measuring system on the EM100VT, measurement takes place in short intervals between trains.

More than 17,400 heavy-duty machines supplied to 110 countries.

2,200 employees in Austria.

Partner companies on all continents.

EM120VT – Unimat 09-4x4/4S E³

The first fully automated M2M communication

Eco-retrofits for the future of tamping

Upgrade from hydraulic to electric tamping units

A new era begins at Plasser American

Capacities double during ongoing operations

1.8 million tamping insertions in Great Britain, no significant signs of wear

09-16 Dynamic in Japan

The integrated Dynamic Track Stabiliser increases cost efficiency

The best benefits of two worlds: 2X-4x4 tamping units for tracks and turnouts

Railway lines open for traffic immediately after track rehabilitation with the RUS 1000 S

23 machines in the new design supplied to eight countries

Plasser India opens a new production site in Karjan, India

The 09-3X maintains a high-speed network in Morocco

The SVM 1000 I is used to build a broad-gauge freight corridor in India

P&T Research is launched: highlighting research and new technologies for the railway infrastructure and track maintenance machines

German Federal Railways (DB) presents Plasser & Theurer with the “supplier of the year” award in the category “rail vehicles and rail vehicle parts” for the multifunctional track infrastructure maintenance vehicles from the MISS series.

The PlasserSmartMaintenance initiative offers digital tools for machines, fleets and the infrastructure. The EM100VT track inspection vehicle provides the ideal research environment for on-track testing.

The E³ work unit carries out 1,000,000 tamping cycles on a specially developed test rig

The 16,000th machine is supplied: a Unimat Combi 08-275 handed over to the Italian Railways RFI at the iaf in Münster/Germany

Plasser & Theurer Connected

the focus of this start-up company in Hagenberg/Austria is on data science

E³ Next Generation

hybrid drive with battery technology in the HTW 100 E³

E³ Next Generation

fully electric hybrid drive in the Unimat 09-4x4/4S E³

High Output Ballast Cleaning System HOBCS 5

Biggest single contract in the company’s history: 53 machines of High Output Ballast Cleaning System HOBCS 5 delivered


The further development of the automatic guiding computer with a new user interface ensuring simpler operation.

Nomination for the Supplier Award of Deutsche Bahn for rail vehicles/vehicles components.

Unimat 09-32/4S Dynamic E³

The first universal tamping machine for tracks and turnouts powered by our E³ hybrid drive.

09-4X E³ Dynamic Tamping Express

The world's first track maintenance machines with hybrid drive

BDS 2000 E³

Expanded fields of application thanks to reduced noise and exhaust gas emissions

SES 170

Sleeper exchange system for Japan

MTW 160

Fast intervention vehicle for the overhead line

APT 1500 RC

Rail welding robot in container design

30 years of continuous tamping technology

an idea gains worldwide acceptance

Unimat 09-4x4/4S

Turnout tamping made easier

GMTZ self-propelled track recording car

for DB Netz AG - manufacturing quality of the highest level

109-4X Dynamic Tamping Express

from the series of the most powerful tamping machines

New tamping tine

Slim shape for longer life

USP 2005 Dynamic

Multi-purpose machine for Morocco

ZRM 350

Road/rail machine for ballast bed cleaning without skeleton track

Key technology

URM 700

Continuous action track and turnout cleaning


Two-axle self-propelled recording car for Japan


Four-axle motor tower car for Norway

APT 1500 RL

Road/rail welding robot for Italy

OBW 100

Bridge inspection vehicle

09-3D tamping simulator

Practical training for machine operators in a new dimension

Plasser 08-16 SH

more than 100 machines in operation worldwide

Key technology

KSP 2002 E-LP

Dynamic track stabiliser with integrated ballast profiling unit

SVM 1000

Track laying machine for Argentina


New mast setting unit for Austria

Key technology

APT 1500 RA

Mobile fully automatic rail welding robot

09-3X-CW Dynamic

3-sleeper tamping technology for varying sleeper spacings

BDS 2000

Ballast Distribution System in Switzerland

RM 900 VB

Ballast cleaning with ballast recycling, supply of new ballast and track stabilisation

AHM 800 R

Formation rehabilitation machine for the Russian Federation

RM 802/FRM 802

Fastest system in the world for ballast bed and shoulder cleaning

SMD 80

Track laying from the assembly-line in Kazakhstan


Self-propelled recording car for Lithuania

SRM 500

Sand removal machine for Saudi Arabia

RM 900-HD 100

Ballast cleaning for high-speed lines in France

SSP 203

Ballast distributing and profiling machine in Brazil

Key technology

RM 95-800 W

An impact mill and a ballast washing plant upgrade the machine

Recording car series

Start of the redesigned series

WM 40 turnout installation machine

Installation and removal of turnout sections or track panels

APT 1500 R

First fully automatic welding robot

PM 1000 URM

Formation rehabilitation using 3 excavating chains, ballast recycling and insertion of an intermediate layer

SUZ 500 Universal

for Germany

DGS 90 N

for Brazil

Catenary renewal machine, MTW 10

Catenary renewal machine and MTW 10 for Brazil

09-3X 3-sleeper tamping machines

More than 100 continuous action tamping machines in operation worldwide

Unimat Super 08-32 4S

for Spain

Plasser Intelligent Control P-IC 2.0

Control and monitoring system

USP 2000 SWS

in Switzerland


Formation rehabilitation, ballast bed cleaning, ballast recycling in one machine

New world record on ballasted track – the TGV Est achieved 547.8 km/h on 3rd April 2007. Numerous Plasser & Theurer machines were used to construct the line

DGS 62 N

Dynamic track stabiliser for Malaysia


Self propelled recording car in the USA

TG 80

Track motor vehicle for Mexico

Unimat 09-475/4S

New output category for universal tamping machines for tracks and turnouts

RM 800 Super 3S

Ballast cleaning machine with infinitely variable excavating chain and 3 screens

BDS 2000

Further development of the system for ballast management

SWM 15

Fast and simple exchange of individual sleepers in Iran

GWM 150

Rail grinding machine in Chile

Key technology

RU 800 S

Largest combination machine integrating ballast cleaning and track relaying

Key technology

RMW 1500

First ballast cleaning machine with 2 excavating chains and 3 screens

BDS 2000

Ballast Distribution System in Lithuania


Self propelled track recording car in the USA

BCR 100

Bridge inspection and repair vehicle

09-4X Dynamic Tamping Express

4-sleeper tamping machine with integrated track stabilisation

New turning resistance test rig for bogies in Linz

Unimat 09-32 4S Dynamic

for the first time with integrated dynamic track stabilisation

CAL curve laser system

Laser control used in track curves for the first time

RM 900 RT

High-capacity ballast cleaning machine with supply of new ballast

DGS 90 N

Dynamic track stabiliser for Kazakhstan

RPK 40

Gantry crane and transport wagon for turnouts and turnout sections

FUM 100.128

New standards for overhead line installation in Germany

SBM 250

Rail planing machine

BDS 2000

Ballast Distribution System in Latvia

Opening of the new ecological high-output paint shop in Linz

RM 95-700

Ballast cleaning machine for plain track with double screening unit

Monitoring system

for machine monitoring


High-speed track relaying train with laying unit in 2-sleeper mode

UFM 160

Universal track recording car for speeds of up to 160 km/h

Catenary renewal machine

for China

SRM 500

Sand removal machine for Syria

PM 200-2R

Formation rehabilitation machine with integrated ballast washing plant

EM-SAT 120

operated in Germany

SVM 1000

Track laying in China

Tungsten-carbide tamping tines

Newly developed

Key technology

09-3X Dynamic Tamping Express

3-sleeper tamping machine with integrated track stabilisation

Laser control

of the 3-rail lifting of turnout tamping machines

RM 95-RT

High-capacity ballast cleaning machine in the Railway Group Standard of British Rail

APT 600

Mobile flash-butt welding machine with integrated rail tensioning unit

FGW 10.010, A 10.031

FGW 10.010 Motorised platform car and A 10.031 assembly car for Switzerland

DGS 62 N

for Norway

THS 2000

Sleeper exchange system

PBR 400 R

in Thailand

Unimat Combi 08-275

in Denmark - combined turnout tamping machine with ballast plough

Machines now supplied to 100 countries

RPM 2002

Formation rehabilitation machine with ballast recycling

SWM 12

Sleeper exchange machine

Unimat Sprinter MF

Universal tamping machine for spot fault elimination


Ballast distributing and profiling machine

EM-SAT 120

with GPS direction finding for exact track measuring before tamping


Relaying train with lengthwise transport of old and new sleepers in France


Track motor vehicle for Denmark

AHM 800 R

for Poland

Rail fastening collection car


Unimat 08-4x4 4S-RT

First machine in the new Railway Group Standard of British Rail

Key technology

RM 900

High-capacity ballast cleaning machine with supply of new ballast

UFM 120

Universal self-propelled track recording car

APT 500

series continues to win worldwide recognition


Automatic track finishing machine

VM 250 Jumbo

Vacuum scraper-excavator

SMD 80

in Finland

May 1997: handover of the 11,000th heavy-duty machine (09-32 CSM) to October Railway

PBR 400 U-RS

in Denmark

PTS 90

Dynamic track stabiliser for the USA

Catenary renewal machine

for Italy

Unimat 09-16 4S

Continuous action 1-sleeper tamping machine for turnouts

DAR 8 channel recorder

with PC interface

UVP 2002

High-speed track relaying machine

WM 500 U Turnout installation machine

careful treatment of entire turnouts

Catenary renewal train

Complete for Austria

GWM 250

in South Korea, Malaysia and Portugal

Key technology

09-3X Tamping Express

First continuous action 3-sleeper tamping machine

USP 4000-2B

Universal ballast distributing and profiling machine with 2 sweeper brushes

RM 802

Ballast cleaning machine with integrated supply of new ballast

PDB 600

Sweeper machine for Mauritania

Key technology

AHM 800 R

Formation rehabilitation, ballast bed cleaning, ballast recycling

Unimat Junior

Perfect modular design system for local and regional areas


in Japan

Key technology

VM 150 Jumbo

vacuum scraper-excavator: new technology for track maintenance

KSP 2001

Combined stabilising and profiling machine for Japan

PM 150

Formation rehabilitation using cement stabilisation

SWM 200

Single sleeper exchange system in the USA

EM 20 UD

Track recording car for underground operation

USP 6000

Universal ballast distributing and profiling machine in Austria

Micro controller and data bus systems

are introduced in the machine control

DGS 62 N

First machine ever to perform dynamic track stabilisation on Shinkansen lines in Japan

SMD 80

High-speed track relaying train for Germany

MFS 100 S

Material conveyor and hopper unit with additional ballast distributing device for uniform ballasting

SBM 250

rail planing machine with non-contacting rail profile measurement

Key technology

Unimat 09-32 4S

First continuous action 2-sleeper tamping machine for turnouts

Introduction of the quality assurance system according to ISO 9001


with integrated ballast profiling and dynamic track stabilisation

Combined longitudinal level and alignment laser

for tracks and turnouts

SVV 100

Insertion of a formation protective layer under the skeleton track

Key technology

WTW 40

Turnout transport wagon

EM 250

Track measuring and testing coach with non-contacting measuring systems for speeds up to 250 km/h

MTW 100.013-2

First four-axle motor tower car with freely turning elevating work platform

Key technology

BDS Ballast Distribution System

enables enormous ballast savings


for France

WM 26

Track and turnout renewal device


Testing the use of GPS for track maintenance for the first time

SBM 140

for Brazilian heavy haul railways

TIK System Plasser-Wiebe

Thermic vegetation control on and around the track using Infra-Plus application

Key technology

Unimat 08-475/4S

Universal tamping machine (3-rail lifting and 4-rail tamping)

New world record. France: On 18th May 1990, a TGV achieves 515.3 km/h. The track geometry was again prepared by Plasser & Theurer machines

Key technology

MTW 100.017

First catenary renewal train for installation with final tension


Continuous action levelling tamping machine with integrated ballast profiling

PM 200-2

with new data bus system is put into operation in Germany

Super C.A.T.

Continuous action maintenance with integrated ballast profiling


Automatic guiding computer to control the measuring systems of tamping machines

PBR 400

Ballast distributing machine in Brazil


First on German lines

K 355 APT Superstretch

New welding technology using the additional pulling device Superstretch for North America

SVM 1000

Track laying machine for Iran

Key technology

PA 1-20 ES gantry crane

with single-sleeper laying device

KEV 312

for Germany

Key technology

Unimat 08-275 3S

Perfection and cost-efficiency thanks to synchronous 3-rail lifting

1st May 1988: world speed record by Intercity Experimental ICE at 406.9 km/h on the new line Würzburg-Fulda. Track work carried out primarily using Plasser & Theurer machines

Key technology

RM 800

High-capacity ballast cleaning machine with 2 screens


Soil probing machine

Key technology

WM 22

Turnout and track renewal machine

KVP 2000

Continuous action sleeper-crib consolidating machine

Key technology


Track survey car


High-speed track relaying machine in Germany

SSP 110 SW

Ballast profiling machine with ballast hopper for turnout maintenance

FRM 100

High-capacity shoulder cleaning machine for the USA

PK 150 gantry unit

in Austria

OBW 10/MTW 10

Track motor vehicle and motor tower cars in Portugal


Road-rail flash-butt welding machine

08-16 DN

Large-scale order of 13 machines for Algeria


Combined level and line on-board computer

EM 200

Track recording car for the Italian State Railway FS

08-75 ZW

Road/rail universal tamping machine

USP 303

Ballast distributing and profiling machine in Poland

DGS 62 N

Dynamic track stabiliser

Key technology

PM 200

First formation rehabilitation machine to work in assembly-line mode in one pass without disrupting the traffic on the adjacent tracks

SUM 80 G

Track laying in Australia

PK 250

Gantry unit for entire track panels

EM 120

First self-propelled track recording car for Hungarian Railways

GWM 440

Rail grinding machine

Key technology


First continuous action levelling, lining and tamping machine


Universal levelling, lining and tamping machine with individually tilting double tines for tracks and turnouts

Key technology


Rail joint bending device with microprocessor control

SSP 110

Fast ballast profiling machine

Key technology

MFS 40

First material conveyor and hopper units (system Plasser-Knape)

VDM 800 K

Sleeper crib and sleeper-end consolidating machine

GPC 50

Railway general purpose crane for ÖBB


Turnout tamping machine

SUM 801

High-speed track relaying machine in Tanzania

SBM 111

Combined rail planing and grinding machine

Controlmaster 08-32

Tamping machine and control car separated for the first time

26th February 1981: record-breaking run of an SNCF TGV train at 380 km/h. The line was built and prepared using Plasser & Theurer track laying machines (System Framafer)

DGS 42 N

Dynamic track stabiliser

ZRM 60

Road/rail ballast cleaning machine in Hungary

SUM 1000

High-speed track relaying machine in Italy

OBW 10.029

Catenary inspection car

MTM 700

Road/rail levelling, lining and tamping machine

Opening of the new factory of Plasser Australia Pty. Ltd. in St. Marys near Sydney; opening of the new factory in Brazil

RM 80

High-capacity ballast cleaning machine

DGS 32 N

Dynamic track stabiliser

SMD 80

Track relaying train in France

JVK 1200

Panel laying system for the Budapest Transport Authority

EM 20 U

First track recording car for underground operation

SRM 500

Sand removal machine for Egypt

08 series

Machines in articulated design with standard railway vehicle features

08-32/275 (System Framafer)

for maintaining tracks and turnouts in one operation

UST 79

ZRM 79

Universal ballast cleaning machine working on-track and off-track

K 355 APT

with integrated trimming device


Panel laying crane in Great Britain

SSP 103

Ballast distributing and profiling machine

ZRM 77

Universal ballast cleaning machine working on-track and off-track


Combination of a jib crane and an electric flash-butt welding unit

SBM 100

Rail planing machine for mobile track planing and grinding


Lightweight tamping machine

Key technology

SSP 100

Fast ballast profiling machine

Key technology


First dynamic track stabiliser in regular service

GWM 220

Rail grinding machine

GPL 72 J, TJC 60

Production of railway cranes at Plasser Great Britain; crane vehicles for BR


Mobile tampers

SUZ 500 (US)

High-speed track relaying train

07 Quattromatic

Further development of the track tamping machine

DGS prototype

Testing phase of dynamic track stabilisation

On-board computer

for superelevation and lining values

PBR series

Profiling and ballast distributing machines

RM 74 U

First ballast cleaning machine ever to perform continuous action ballast cleaning of turnouts and tracks

Insertion of sand-gravel mixtures

using the RM 74 UHR ballast cleaning machine

EM 80

Start of the successful series

New work unit production shop in Linz


Track motor vehicle

USP 4000 C

Universal ballast distributing and profiling machine


Track motor vehicle

Plassermatic 07-275

Levelling, lining and tamping machine for turnouts

Key technology

EM 50

First electronic track recording car

Key technology

K 355 PT

Mobile flash-butt welding machine

SSP 70 series

Ballast distributing and profiling machines

More branches founded abroad: Brazil, Japan

SUZ 350 UP2/3/4

Track relaying trains

OBW 10

Track motor vehicle

Key technology

07 series

First tamping machines in standard railway vehicle design with tamping unit between the axles

New plant for Plasser American Corporation in Chesapeake, Virginia, USA, and Plasser Española in Spain

RM 63

Fully hydraulic ballast cleaning machine


Road/rail tamping machines

Expansion of Linz factory: final assembly plant, welding plant

PQRS (Plasser Quick Relaying System)

Track laying with gantry cranes in India

Key technology

Start of the production of large cleaning machines

Branch opening in India

SUZ 2000 UP1

First high-speed track relaying train using the assembly-line method

AL 250

Automatic lining machine

MDZ mechanised maintenance train: first machine to perform complete track maintenance in one operation on Austrian Federal Railways

VDM 800 series

Consolidating machines

Key technology

formation protective layer

RM 61 ballast cleaning machine: first track-bound machine ever to install a formation protective layer consisting of gravel sand

USP 3000 C

Ballast distributing and profiling machine with continuous ballast collection

Key technology


The first Duomatic 2-sleeper tamping machine in the world enabled cost-efficient operation during short track possessions.

Plassermatic 275

Turnout tamping machine

AL 203

Automatic lining machine

KMX 06

Mine tamping machine

AL 202

First automatic lining machine with 2-chord measuring technology

Branch opening in Purkersdorf near Vienna; extension of the foreign branches: Factory in Freilassing (Germany); Italy


Mine tamping machine

RM 62

Fully hydraulic ballast cleaning machine

BKV 142

Consolidating machine

Key technology

WE 75/275

Turnout tamping machine with two tamping units (with tilting tamping tines)

GLR 123

Off-track ballast cleaning machine

Plassermatic VKR 04-Spezial

First sound-proofed Plassermatic VKR 04-Spezial at the permanent way exhibition in Elst (Netherlands).

Subsidiary in the USA

VKR 04

First levelling tamping machine in the world

More branches were opened in the Federal Republic of Germany, France and Great Britain

Key technology

RM 61

Fully hydraulic ballast cleaning machine

FR 53

Shoulder cleaning machine

GLR 120

Off-track ballast cleaning machine

Branch opening in South Africa

SV 51

Ballast distributing and profiling machine

New factory on the industrial estate in Linz; first subsidiary in Canada

Key technology

VKR 03

High-capacity tamping machine

Export of the first tamping machines to Great Britain and the USA

Export of tamping machines to five countries

VKR 01

Tamping machine in cantilever design: The VKR 01 was the first series-produced Plasser & Theurer machine. The first tamping machine that was exported was delivered to the Federal Republic of Germany.

Start of series production; export of the first tamping machine to the Federal Republic of Germany

Application for further basic patents on the non-synchronous pressure vibration tamping

Key technology


First hydraulic track tamping machine

Start of production with a staff of nine men; non-synchronous pressure vibration tamping: basic patent applications