+++ New functions implemented +++

PredictiveTrackView now has the following additional features:

  • Graphic display of rolling marks*
  • Graphic display of the structure profile at any position; structure gauge infringements are highlighted in colour
  • Automatic distance measuring at any position
    • Distance between centres of tracks
    • Height and offset of the contact wire
    • Track – platform edge

*Requirements: Data originate from a measuring system suitable for detecting rolling marks on the rail web

+++ More data sources available +++

Our new partnerships within the DRS Alliance give our customers access to a wide range of stationary, rail-bound, and also drone-based measuring systems. PredictiveTrackView can visualise and process the data from these systems in three dimensions.

+++ Demo video presented +++

In late February 2022, a demo video was presented at AusRAIL in Sydney, bringing some features of PredictiveTrackView to life. Using Cardboard viewers and smartphones, users embark on a virtual 3D track inspection with visualised GPR data.

+++ GPR analyses already available +++

In collaboration with Ground Control, Plasser & Theurer now offers GPR measuring and analyses of the measuring data using AI-supported software. GPR records all relevant geotechnical parameters of the ballast and the substructure, and it enables optimum maintenance planning. There is no need for line closures.


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PredictiveTrackView: a few selected features

  • 3D visualisation
  • Platform-independent (browser-based)
  • Trend analyses from time series
  • Suggested actions for maintenance measures
  • Comment feature, possible to mark points of interest
  • Easy upload of measuring data
  • Data exports in common formats
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Web-based BIM software for track infrastructure

We are currently developing PredictiveTrackView, a comprehensive tool for track infrastructure operators. Its goal is to exhaust all possibilities Building Information Modeling (BIM) offers to make planning and performing sustainable maintenance measures and asset management as efficient and easy as possible - all thanks to the digital twin in the virtual space.

Get a full overview of your assets

As end-to-end suppliers, we and our partners do not only have the machines and devices required for recording the existing infrastructure and its environment quickly and precisely down to the millimetre. We also have the know-how to analyse the measuring data professionally and to identify exactly the maintenance measures that you need. PredictiveTrackView is one link in the end-to-end process chain. It enables centrally consolidating all digital data regarding the track and its environment as well as clearly visualising and analysing it.

Save time and money

PredictiveTrackView ensures the latest data is always at your fingertips. Time-consuming and costly track inspections are a thing of the past. Stay at your desk and identify potential hazards and problem areas, access points for staff, supply, logistics, and much more prior to implementing construction measures. Increase efficiency by having your entire team access the information they need from wherever they are. PredictiveTrackView also allows you to easily export data such as terrain models to provide them to external partners.

Optimise maintenance

PredictiveTrackView uses continuously updated data series to identify trends. This enables proactive, data-based maintenance. Find out when and where you need to take action at one glance. The software provides details about the condition of the rails, the track bed, and the substructure. It identifies areas with risk of tree failure due to diseased or dead trees and enables you to create drainage analyses in an instant. Targeted maintenance reduces costs and effort while extending the service life.

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