• High speeds to reach the worksite quickly in self-propelled and in towing mode
  • Railway crane with high lifting moment and three-part elevating work platform for work on the overhead contact line
  • Positioner for contact wires and carrying cables for securely positioning the overhead contact line during assembly work
  • Crew cab with kitchenette and sanitary facilities as well as a workshop for working in a safe environment directly on-site
  • The machine comfortably fits up to eight people – also in running mode
  • Integrated ETCS in combination with the national train protection system
  • Possible to attach different snow removal equipment

Technical data

Series: Plasser CatenaryCrafter 12.5 (Type 1)

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Technical data and factsheet


Plasser CatenaryCrafter 12.5 (Type 1, Sample configuration)

Machines in the Plasser CatenaryCrafter series are specialists for overhead contact line installation and maintenance as well as inspections and interventions.

Plasser CatenaryCrafter 12.5 (Type 1, Sample configuration): work in parallel with the three-part elevating work platform and railway


ModularCustomizing: individual modules can be configured according to customer needs.

Machine illustration

Plasser CatenaryCrafter 12.5 (Type 1, Sample configuration)


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