The latest experiences with electrically powered tamping units prove that the future of tamping is electrifying! The economic and environmental benefits of electrification speak for themselves. Plasser & Theurer now offers the eco-retrofit kit, an upgrade from hydraulic work units to electric work units. This way, existing machines can benefit from its advantages.

Advantages of the electrically powered tamping unit

  •  Less fuel consumption thanks to reduced rotational speed of the drive engine during working mode and reduced power consumption while increasing total efficiency
  • Higher efficiency thanks to improved response time of the electric motors
  • Lower noise emissions thanks to lower idling speed
  • Reduced wear thanks to higher rotational speed during penetration
  • Heat development reduction of the entire system thanks to reduced hydraulics
  • New opportunity for powering other components electrically (e.g. AC unit, heating system, ventilation unit, and measuring systems such as the Levelling and Alignment Laser/Curve Alignment Laser)
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