Track renewal and track laying

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Machine group Track renewal and track laying
Year of manufacture 2019
Track gauge 1 435mm**)
Length over buffer beam 130 000mm
Width 3 050mm
Height over top of rail 4 270mm
Max. travelling speed, self-propelled 1km/h*)
Max. travelling speed, towed 100km/h*)

*) Subject to compliance with regulations on use including operation, maintenance, transport, and the relevant approval requirements.

**) Please contact us for any upgrades and retrofits (including other track gauges) as well as optional services.

Subject to technical changes and prior sale.

Track laying machine with optional equipment

Sleeper renewal incl. track lowering
On-board network 230 / 400 volts
P-IC 2.0 control system incl. Datamatic

Performance data

  • Maximum of 8 sleepers/minute
  • Maximum uphill gradient of 10‰
  • Railway route with minimum curve radii of maximum 500 m
  • Maximum superelevation of 100 mm
  • Excavating depth of max. 100 mm from the bottom of the old sleepers,
    measured in the centre of the track
  • Excavating width of max. 3200 mm (excavating width due to cutter bar conveyor chain
    3000 mm + approx. 100 mm feeder plate, conveyor side + approx. 100 mm feeder plate, loading side)
  • Work in a temperature range from +5°C to 35°C

Limit data

  • Ballast excavating chain 3000-3450 mm wide,
    max. excavating depth under TOR 800 mm
  • Minimum horizontal radius: 350 m (working mode),
    125 m when towing
  • Line category D4, max. axle load 22.5 t
  • Superelevation: 160 mm working mode, 180 mm towing
  • Types of old rails: UIC 54, UIC 60, UIC 50, 50 E6, UIC 46
    (in part with renewal work on the machine)
  • New rails: UIC 60, 60 E1, 50 E6, 46 E2
    (in part with renewal work on the machine)
  • Temperature range: -25°C to + 40°C (towing),
    0°C to +40°C (working mode)
  • Maximum uphill gradient: 40 ‰