Review: ÖVG Convention 2019

Bright spots in the changing course of track maintenance

22nd ÖVG Convention in Salzburg

25 quality presentations on the future of railways

The focus of the programme pointed in one direction: railways, too, are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution. A growing number of components are becoming ‘intelligent’ and delivering data. Life cycle management tools provide an impetus for new ways in decision-making. The speakers not only presented concepts but, as was pleasing to note, also partial successes. Other aspects included climate change and its impact on railway infrastructure.

Along with the top-notch programme, the event provided a solid framework for an international exchange of experience. Presentations from Belgium, France, Japan, Korea, South America and the USA were inspiring additions to the rich expertise of the German/Austrian/Swiss (D-A-CH) region.

3 infrastructure managers: Franz Bauer, ÖBB, Frank Sennhenn, DB, and Jacques Boschung, SBB, having an open dialogue on the D-A-CH region

‘No railways without infrastructure and no quality without technology!’
Franz Bauer, ÖBB

The excursion to the nearby Salzburg railway station was a hands-on experience and fitting conclusion of the meeting with an impressive demonstration of state-of-the art track measurement, analysis and improved output of work machines. Another highlight was the Unimat 09-4x4/4S E³ hybrid machine tamping a double diamond crossing in partial autonomous mode.