The reference model for the new acquisitions was the MTW 100.216 built by Plasser & Theurer in 2017 as the third machine from this model for Furrer+Frey AG based in Bern, Switzerland. Prose AG, an engineering and consulting company based in Bern, provided support. For the completion of a large-scale order, Furrer+Frey was looking for a machine for the installation of the overhead line system with modern equipment, designed as a heavy-duty vehicle for towing work trains and self-propelled travelling in Switzerland. The experts from Prose AG advised the customer on basic considerations. Moreover, they supported the entire project from technical clarifications, project management and construction monitoring to the on-schedule commissioning following the successful approval. Plasser & Theurer’s MTW 100.216 has been the largest and most powerful installation machine to be acquired by Furrer+Frey in the company’s history dating back to 1923.

Before the decision was made to buy a new machine, the company considered a modernisation. Ultimately, the decision was easy. When opting for the MTW 100.216, Furrer+Frey could use an existing and well proven machine, which was also known to the crew, as a reference. The MTW 100.216 was produced on time and on budget. All approvals were handled successfully on schedule: “On time, on quality, on budget,” is how the Prose consultants described the project. About the project handling they said: “We expected an open and constructive discussion of solutions and arrived at a joint agreement on how to handle the project."