E³ MDZ with hybrid drive in the new machine design

The new cabin design makes the machines stand out. The innovative design represents new, ground-breaking technologies and strategies for both service and design. We are pleased that this dynamic innovation is well received by our customers.

Bahnbau Wels was interested in the new technologies from the very beginning. In addition to the new machine design, they showed particular interest in the new drive technology and the further developed tamping technology.

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At the 2017 iaf (International Exhibition for Track Technology of VDEI) in Münster, Germany, we presented prototypes with E3 drives and the new design. Numerous machines from the E³ series have already been put into operation and additional machines are currently being produced. The all-electric drive of the tamping machine and the ballast management system offers both environmental and economic benefits:

  • Working quietly (environmental benefit)
    Comparative measurements showed a clear result: When the tamping units, which have electrically powered vibration shafts, are raised in idle mode, the noise is reduced by more than 20 dBA. During operation, the tamping machine’s drive car generates more than 13 dBA less noise than the drive car of a diesel-hydraulic machine. 
  • Working efficiently (economic benefit)
    During working operation, energy costs are reduced by around 30 %, during (self-powered) electric transfer travel savings reach up to 75 %.