New machines for track maintenance

For the economic and very precise maintenance required for the high speeds, the Moroccan railway company OCNF has ordered a number of new machines of the type, which have already proven themselves on the French high-speed lines.

One of them is the 109-3X Dynamic continuous action tamping machine with integrated ballast bed profiling and dynamic track stabilization – a machine for complete track maintenance. It combines the advantages of one of the fastest tamping machines in the world – the 09-3X Tamping Express – with the advantages of the proven Dynamic Track Stabilizer. The high track maintenance speed which can be achieved combined with the elimination of the initial settling period facilitates high-quality track maintenance in the shortest possible time and fitness for travel at line speed immediately afterwards.

These special characteristics were the reason for the purchase of the new machine. It was delivered in June 2019 and was taken into operation immediately after thorough training of the staff.