Frequency control for tamping units

Frequency control for tamping units

Hear the difference!

We offer this system upgrade at a fixed price, depending on the type and complexity of the machine.

In addition to noise reduction, the frequency control enables fuel savings of up to 10 %. Moreover, it significantly reduces wear on the tamping units.

Our non-synchronous uniform-pressure tamping method and, in particular, the constant amplitude at a frequency of 35 Hz have been ensuring  durable compaction of  ballast beds for decades. Now we have added a new feature to this time-tested system, allowing the targeted control of the vibration frequency during the tamping cycle.

Our services

  • When the tamping tines are raised, they vibrate at an idling frequency of just 28 Hz.
  • When penetrating the ballast , the frequency increases to 45 Hz. This briefly higher frequency allows the tamping tines to penetrate the ballast more easily. This is particularly beneficial in highly compacted ballast beds.
  • For squeezing, we continue to use the frequency of precisely 35 Hz. This is the optimum frequency for high-quality tamping.

Your benefit

  • Easier penetration of the ballast bed
  • Reduced wear on the tamping units
  • Less fuel consumption
  • Noise reduction of approx. 4 dBA
  • Fixed price

Upgrade depending on engine and transmission performance

The later installation of the frequency control for tamping units depends on the performance of the engine and the transmission. It requires a separate check for every machine. The fixed price for the upgrade including the installation depends on the number of tamping unit drives.