Greatest efficiency in daily operation

Plasser & Theurer offers a wide range of on-track vehicles for ancillary jobs in the course of track maintenance. The OBW series offers track motor vehicles for all-round use. The diversity of accessories available, adapted to the prevailing track conditions, guarantees high cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

What are track motor vehicles used for?

Even minor disruptions can have a significant effect on unhindered rail services or the progression of work on the worksites. Vegetation in the area of the clearance gauge, minor damage to fastenings on the catenary poles, snow or grass in the track area. Disruptions of this type can be remedied quickly and safely with the help of track motor vehicles. If required, they can also be used for fast transportation of men and material to the work site.  

What makes track motor vehicles cost-efficient?

Ancillary jobs on large-scale worksites can be performed swiftly with the help of on-track maintenance vehicles. Particularly for smaller railway operators and local railways this enables operational malfunctions to be attended to quickly, easily and therefore at lower cost.