SWM 15

Proper sleeper treatment

Exchanging single sleepers carefully thanks to rail lifting unit

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Heavy haul
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Spot maintenance

Repositioning the gripper, and the sleeper is removed

The manipulator with the turnable rail gripper deposits the removed sleepers on the ballast shoulder. The OBW Sprinter carries out valuable work in the background.

The tamping counter of the Plasser 08-16 SH already shows 500,000 tamping insertions.

The work cabin of the SWM 15 provides an ideal overview on the sleeper exchange.

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Quality cuts costs: our machines turn a tidy profit

To date, Plasser & Theurer has supplied 17,700 machines. Most of them are still in operation. This attests to the quality of the machines and the value of our Customer Services’ life-long machine and fleet support. Plus, it proves that high quality ensures high cost-efficiency: machines that have been in operation for 20 or 30 years paid off years ago.

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