Our machines for ballast profiling are tools that are optimally suited to distributing and regulating track ballast. This includes ploughing ballast shoulders, track benches, and ballast crowns as well as various sweeping operations. It also entails collecting, storing, and re-placing ballast.

The new ballast regulating machine offering

The new ballast regulating machines in the Plasser BallastMaster series can be set up variably. With their wide performance range, they are compatible with a great number of track and turnout tamping machines. The only way to reduce the costs of modern track maintenance is through an optimum combination of tamping, stabilising, and profiling.

During the development stage, special attention was paid to cost effectiveness and efficiency for operating companies. The machine design and the combination of the work units are based on the defined requirement profile. 

The smallest 2-axle version is also suitable for line category C2 (20 t axle load). The largest 4-axle version has two driver’s cabs with continuous panelling and can even be operated with our E³ drive system.

The new ballast regulating machines use ballast sparingly and store surplus ballast in order to replace it where it is lacking. All machines in the new series are equipped with an integrated hopper to enable shifting of ballast as as well as storage of small quantities of surplus ballast. The spectrum ranges from storage volumes of approx. 5 m³ to machines with hoppers of 7.5 m³ and up to 10 m³.

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