Training at Plasser & Theurer

Training at Plasser & Theurer

Top training courses for all your staff provided directly by the manufacturer

Training: fully utilise the potential of your machine

There is no doubt our machines are economically efficient. Provide the appropriate training for your staff so this efficiency can be utilised to its full potential. We offer training courses for staff at any level of qualification - from beginner to expert. Using the latest simulators and tailored course programmes will optimise the operation, maintenance and repair of your machines.

Our services

  • Training on simulators: PIC, CMS/CWS, ALC, 09-3X, 09-4x4/4S, ballast plough with VR glasses, hydraulic test rig
  • Courses offered: machine operation, machine hydraulics and electrics, troubleshooting, repair and maintenance
  • Special training as per customer request 

Your benefit

  • Full utilisation of your machine potential
  • Better machine performance
  • Fewer faults
  • Increased safety standards
  • Increased performance through the use of new technologies