MTW 100.216 for Rail Power Systems

Plasser & Theurer will provide Rail Power Systems GmbH (Munich, Germany) with an MTW 100.216 which is tailored to their needs. The machine has not only been approved for Germany and Switzerland but also for Denmark and Sweden. The extensive country-specific requirements were a special challenge to the machine design. 

The motor tower car is equipped with a particularly powerful crane. The attachable work basket can be deposited on a coupled trailer. On this machine model, the crane with the work basket covers a working area or around 22.5 metres above track. This is a requirement for works on the top of masts or high overhead lines in station areas. In addition, a freely moving elevating work platform is mounted in the centre of the machine. 

The machine equipment also includes a crew compartment with kitchenette and a workshop compartment, a contact wire and carrying cable holding device, a contact wire height and alignment positioning tower and a non-contacting contact wire measuring unit.