Cutting edge since 1953. The market keeps changing.

For Plasser & Theurer, customers are the focus of every development. Through close collaboration with machine operators, operating companies, and other decision-makers, we have been part of the railway system's long-term success since 1953.

In a constantly changing market environment, it is particularly important to be a reliable partner and to optimally implement the new demands placed on us as a supplier. For example, the life cycle costs of machines are becoming increasingly important, and the interplay between different machines in the fleet is moving into focus. As a result, the availability of spare parts and the modularity of assemblies that can be installed on different machines are playing an increasingly important role.

A completely new take on standardising components, systems, and assemblies in a systematic way: that’s ModularCustomizing. The concept allows for highly configurable machines reflecting customers' individual requirements while creating the prerequisites for a host of unbeatable advantages: shorter delivery times and faster approval have an immediate effect. Standardisation offers savings potential for servicing and training as well as in spare parts management. Those are three aspects that enhance machine availability and increase cost efficiency over the entire life cycle. Ultimately, our ModularCustomizing concept also proves to be key to future-proofing machines. Refurbishments, retrofits, and upgrades will become decisively easier and even more cost-efficient thanks to standardised interfaces.

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