Cost-efficiency thanks to improved performance

Cost-efficiency thanks to improved performance

Seeing a 09-X tamping machine in operation for the first time is an unforgettable experience. If you stare too long, you will have a hard time keeping up with it. Working at speeds of up to 2,200 m/h, the machine produces maximum track geometry quality.

09-X tamping machines combine MULTI-sleeper tamping and continuous working action for maximum tamping performance. The machines in the 09-X series all have one thing in common: they deliver excellent quality at high speeds, ensuring cost-efficient maintenance around the globe. This is especially true of short track possessions. 09-X tamping machines can increase performance by up to 30% as compared to similar machines.

Increased performance through continuous working action

The continuous action main frame and the cyclic action tamping satellite continue to set standards to this day. This technology achieves spectacular increases in output. The 09-X series offers increased output while producing excellent quality. It allows our customers to make the best possible use of track possessions and to achieve their ROI quickly.

Here are the proven benefits of continuous working action:

  • Higher working speeds
  • Reduced line occupation times
  • Reduced track maintenance costs
  • Less stress for man and machine

Modular expandability: the machine for every market’s needs

Plasser & Theurer machines provide scope for extensive, versatile modification. This has several advantages: the concept of ‘PlasserModularCustomizing’ allows us to build machines which are tailored specifically to our customers’ needs. We offer a great number of configuration options for our 09-X series high-capacity tamping machines; they suit various operational strategies and track conditions. As maximum performance requires an approved, operational machine, we have established new standards to get the machine to the work site in no time.

Plasser & Theurer’s 09-X series stands for high speeds, less wear and maximum quality.