Sustainability and Cost-Efficiency

An E³ drive makes machines approx. 20 % more efficient, thanks to a consistently optimised transmission of energy.
According to 2020 calculations, the Unimat 09‑32/4S E³ owned by Krebs has saved approx. €168/hour compared to a conventional diesel machine.
Machines with E³ drive have a noise level of approx. 62 dBA. This makes them as quiet as a conversation in the office.
Meeting 2050 climate targets already today -
E³ makes carbon-neutral working possible

Track quality is not a luxury, but an economic necessity.

Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Peter Veit, TU Graz

The continuous working action reduces wear on the brakes, cardan shafts, and gearboxes. At the same time, it increases the machine’s output. The tamping unit rotation speed modulation makes it possible to penetrate old and hardened ballast beds more easily and extends the service life of the work units.

Lüder Gerdtz, Deutsche Gleisbau Union

[…] if a track geometry defect is present, the cumulative MGT “life” of the rail was approximately 30 % less than that of a rail defect with no track geometry defect.

LCC Zarembski, University of Delaware

Rotation speed modulation

The rotation speed modulation demonstrably leads to a lower load on the entire tamping unit, reduces wear, and increases efficiency.

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of fuel saved while increasing the output and lowering maintenance costs

Precise track geometry

P&T machines produce an extremely precise track geometry with an accuracy of < 1 mm.

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GreenTech Award
Unlike diesel engines, green traction current causes no CO² emissions.