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The originally installed tamping unit 4x4 has achieved approx. 2,78 million tamping cycles without any major overhaul.

Tomáš Princ, Skanska

0,0 Mio.
tamping cycles

For us at Bahnbau Gruppe, there was no doubt that it had to be a continuous-action machine. Its advantages make it stand out in day-to-day operation: universal application, high speeds also on plain track, and low levels of stress for the staff.

Our latest investments, the GSM 09-3X and the USM 09-4x4/4SY Dynamic, are the machines with the lowest maintenance costs out of our entire fleet.

Thanks to the rotation speed modulation of the tamping units and the machines’ continuous working action, we save up to 10 % on fuel in each case […].
The rotation speed modulation of the tamping units demonstrably leads to a lower load on the entire tamping unit. There is less wear, particularly at the squeezing cylinders and on all contact surfaces.

Ing. Jaroslav Ludvík, Skanska, Czech Republic

The new design is ergonomic and practical, which benefits the customer. Our operators are impressed with the operating concept and the 
logical arrangement of all elements on the machine.

Jürgen Borchert, DB Bahnbau Gruppe, Germany

The results achieved on 25 and 26 February 1981 were made possible by the fact that the track was virtually in top condition. The accuracy of the devices and the almost fully automatic methods that were applied to maintaining the track were proven in a spectacular manner.

The SNCF Deputy Director General on the TGV speed record in France


To me, working with the machine is my passion – not a job. It’s my vocation in every sense of the word.

Hideo Ide, tamping machine operator, Nishi-Nippon Railroad Company, Nishitetsu, Japan

The machine is more than 40 years old and has already performed around 8 million tamping cycles.

Grzegorz Pyrzyk, tamping machine operator, Poland