Second MTW 100 for Rhomberg Fahrleitungsbau

The MTW 100.216 for Rhomberg Fahrleitungsbau GmbH based in Wiener Neudorf (Austria) will mainly be used for installation works on new lines but also for the renewal and upgrade of existing lines.

The three-part column lifting platform in the machine centre provides great flexibility. The large platform can be lifted to up to 4.5 metres. The two smaller baskets can be extended independently - laterally by 3 metres and vertically by 2.8 metres. This allows reaching a maximum working height of 9 metres above top of rail. When combined and locked, the three elements provide a large working area for overhead line installation.

This machine is the second MTW 100 for Rhomberg Fahrleitungsbau. It was ordered in November 2017, around one and a half years after the handover of the first heavy-duty motor tower car.

The new MTW will mostly travel in train formation. In Switzerland, it travels with a tractive unit. Therefore, it has not been necessary to install an additional train control system. A special feature of this machine is the rear view camera and mirror system. In the future, these cameras will be standard equipment. The images of the two cameras will be shown on separate monitors close to the cabin corner. Right now, they are displayed on a joint monitor (split screen) at the driver’s desk.

The combination of the car body support and suspension blocking in the bogie is used for measuring works with the non-contacting contact wire measuring unit. The measuring system allows for the ultrasonic recoding of the contact wire position in two dimensions. At a maximum travelling speed of 10 km/h, it measures the height of the contact wire at a distance of 800 to 4,000 mm above the measuring system and at 600 mm to each side. When the pantograph raises the contact line to determine elasticity and irregularity in a second measuring run, exact values are recorded and analysed. At every measuring point, the integrated camera takes a picture of the overhead line system. For night-time operation, the machine is equipped with a separate lighting system with work lights. Taking the gauge clearance and the ambient temperature into account, a proof is possible that the overhead line system complies with the TSI and has optimised wear resistance in compliance with all tolerances - on main tracks, this has to be completed every twelve months.