BDS 2000-4

La machine qui économise le ballast

Système de gestion du ballast, pour la voie courante et les appareils de voie

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BDS 2000-4

  • Expanded ballast storage capacities reduce transport distances
  • Increases in ecology thanks to reduced amounts of new ballast required
  • Rainwater collection system feeds the dust arresting atomiser unit
  • Optimally adapted to the output of high-capacity tamping machines
  • Integrated machine control system with touch panels (P-IC)
  • Ergonomic, user-friendly, clearly laid out and innovative cabin design
  • Highest working quality on plain track and in turnouts thanks to the technologically correct position of the work units (ballasting in front of the ploughs/shoulder plough/centre plough/sweeper unit for plain track and turnouts)
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Individual Design for your individualised machine

When it comes to complex high-capacity machines, the requirements of machine operating companies do vary. Country-specific criteria and individual needs are equally important. We satisfy your special requirements with Individual Design machines. This means we design and manufacture machines tailored to you. In particular, your experiences in daily operation shape the final product.