Unimat 09-2X-4x4/4S

Universal tamping at its best

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Combining plain track and turnout tamping into a single machine is nothing new. What is new, however, is the 2X-4x4 tamping unit's set-up. The unit combines universal 4x4 turnout tamping in 1-sleeper mode and increased output on the track and parts of the turnout thanks to 2X. It is the perfect unit for maintaining station areas, transfer points, and for tamping several turnouts and short sections of track in between. Thanks to its flexible design, this tamping unit easily handles tamping the other way round: several sections of track and the occasional maintenance of turnouts.

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Enjoy the benefits of standardisation with ModularCustomizing

We manufacture machines in our ModularCustomizing category based on a platform strategy. This makes maintenance, spare parts management, training, and homologations more efficient while tailoring them to you. The benefits of this approach are most obvious with our tamping machines, which have 100 configuration options from the get-go.