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The fine art of turnout tamping

Turnout maintenance is a complex process as turnouts differ greatly in design. This is why tamping machines need a great degree of var-iability to optimally adjust to the conditions at hand. For this reason, Plasser & Theurer offers work unit types with varying degrees of flexibility. They allow you to react precisely to the require-ments of your market.

When the geometry of a turnout is being corrected, it must be tamped as fully as possible. This is the only way to achieve a geometry with long-lasting stability.  Plasser & Theurer developed a mechanised technique for this purpose: non-synchronous constant pressure tamping. Regarded as ground-breaking by experts, this technique produces results of unparalleled quality. The tamping tines penetrate the ballast bed from above to compact the ballast underneath the sleeper with a squeezing move-ment. Two factors are decisive here: the tamping tines are working at the same pressure and are vibrating at the ideal frequency of exactly 35 Hz. This directional, linear vibration combined with the non-synchronous tine move-ment produces a homo geneously compacted ballast bed. 

We offer five different types of tamping units for your Unimat to help you achieve this goal. We know that  different requirements call for different approaches.  Find out which tamping unit fits your needs.

8x4 tamping unit

The 8x4 tamping unit: a whole new class in the field of universal tamping technology. As its name suggests, it features eight independent tamping unit segments with tiltable tamping tines. The cyclic 2-sleeper Unimat 08-8x4/4S tamping machine can switch to 1-sleeper tamping mode as required. This adds value, especially when working on hollow sleepers, where the point machine is located, or on double sleepers. Double-slip turnout tamping is turnout tamping at its finest. The 8x4 tamping unit easily masters this task using its power reserves and versatility. Thanks to these features, your machine combines the high performance of 2-sleeper tamping with maximum flexibility.

2X-4x4 tamping unit

Universal tamping at its best

Why combine two different work units? The unit half that adjusts to the turnouts offers more movability and flexibility. On the track, however, performance is key: this is where both halves work together in 2X mode. The second tamping unit half now features fewer movable parts. This reduces the need for maintenance work and minimises life cycle costs.

The 2X-4x4 tamping unit combines universal 4x4 turnout tamping in 1-sleeper mode with increased performance on the track and wide parts of the turnout thanks to 2X. It is the perfect unit for maintaining station areas, transfer points, and for tamping several turnouts and short sections of track in between. Thanks to its flexible design, the work unit is equally ideal for tamping a few turnouts and long sections of track.

The best benefits of two worlds: one flexible half for working in the turnout, one half for maximum performance on track.

4x4 tamping unit

The tried and tested working parameters for optimal tamping results: the universal tamping units of the Unimat 08-4x4/4S have been optimised to meet the special requirements of turnout maintenance. They are prepared for any obstacle: the Split Head technology makes it possible to displace each of the four unit  segments individually and laterally. If there is an obstacle in the turnout, the 16 tamping tines simply tilt upwards. 

4x8 tamping unit

2-sleeper maintenance for turnouts and lines

The 4x8 tamping unit is the evolution of the tried and tested 08-32/4S tamping unit. It has been optimised to master 2-sleeper tamping: this work unit excels if both turnout and track maintenance is required. The 4x8 tamping unit continuously employs 2-sleeper mode. This mode is optimally suited for large radii and uses a higher working speed. If you prioritise high performance over the flexibility offered by 1-sleeper mode, the 4x8 tamping unit is the ideal choice for you.

2x8 tamping unit

Let us introduce you to modern turnout maintenance

Located in front of the rear bogie, two tamping units work independently of one another. Tiltable tamping tines allow them to be tilted to the side and adjusted precisely to the situation in the turnout. Using this technology, the 2x8 tamping unit even tamps challenging sections such as crossings, wing rails, and check rails. Compared to the classic 4S solutions, this tamping unit features a smaller operating range. 

Lateral displacement of the tamping units allows them to adjust to the circumstances in the turnout perfectly. When working on plain track, all tines go into action together. The tamping quality is on par with that of 1-sleeper track tamping machines. The work units feature pivoting suspensions which allow excellent tamping quality in turnouts. Thanks to the suspensions, both segments can be adjusted to slanting sleepers in a single movement.