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The compact powerhouse for turnout maintenance

The equipment on board the Unimat 08/4S series is all you need for the optimal tamping result. Multiple functions have been built into the machine’s short overall length: no trailer is required to perform a complete control measurement of the track geometry. On request, work results are documented using the new inertial measuring technology. This new technology reduces overall machine length and saves you time-consuming manual control measuring.

This equipment ensures high-quality maintenance in tracks and turnouts.

  • Five different tamping unit types allow you to choose the configuration best suited to your needs
  • Careful turnout maintenance: the lifting and lining unit (3-rail lifting unit) distributes the lifting forces uniformly
  • 100 % complete turnout maintenance thanks to flexibly adjustable tamping units

Modular expandability

Plasser & Theurer machines provide scope for extensive, versatile modification. Modular expandability gives you the opportunity to individualise your Unimat to make it suit your needs. We offer a great number of configuration options for our compact 08/4S series tamping machines to suit various operational strategies and track conditions.

As maximum performance requires a homologated, opera-tional machine, we have established new standards to get your new Unimat to the worksite in no time.

Unimat 08/4S: technological advantages

  • Full turnout control: individually tilting lifting disks mounted on the laterally displaceable lifting and lining unit, lifting hooks, and additional lifting device for the diverging rail
  • Optimal positioning: as the tamping units are independent of one another, the Unimat offers a high degree of flexibility. Already during the first tamping cycle, it secures the turnout's outermost positions to immediately fix the lateral position.
  • Surveying at speeds of up to 60 km/h: inertial measur-ing unit (IMU), connected directly to the SmartALC.
  • Track spacing measured safely: a rotation laser (also applicable for ballast profile monitoring and measuring of platform edges) eliminates the need for manual con-trol measuring and improves perational safety.
  • A continuous-action Dynamic Track Stabiliser can be integrated.
  • Parallel tamping mode: the combined lifting and lining unit with roller lifting clamps allows the synchronising of two Unimat 08/4S machines to simultaneously tamp long sleepers along both lines. 

We put your machine on track in no time

Plasser & Theurer machines can be expanded modularly. These expansions are based on platform programmes and offer great potential for saving time: their technical design and quality comply with the machine's initial approval. 

Plasser & Theurer's Homologation and Safety department carries out the approval process, observing all applicable requirements: EU directives and regulations as well as national policies such as standards.

Every day, we work to maintain and continuously improve our high level of safety. To that end, we have implemented a risk management process to reduce all dangers and their associated risks to a minimum. Moreover, Plasser & Theurer is certified as an independent technical railway testing laboratory as per EN ISO/IEC 17025.

Track maintenance machine approval procedures are complex. Upon customer request, we also coordinate the process of obtaining the work authorisation from the relevant infrastructure manager.