08-275 ZW

Great availability, flexible operation

Universal 1-sleeper tamping of plain line tracks and turnouts - self-loading design

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Transporte público urbano o de cercanías
Ferrocarriles industriales
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  • Variable maintenance of plain line tracks and turnouts
  • Time-saving turnout tamping thanks to individually lowerable tamping unit segments
  • All tines are in tilting design
  • The world's leading tamping technology - tested under various operating conditions on every continent
  • lntegrated lifting jacks ensure the machine can be seif-loaded onto flat-bed trailers to transport it on roads
  • Greatest flexibility, particularly for networks without siding tracks
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iaf 2022 - the 17,000th machine

The 17,000th machine built by Plasser & Theurer in the company's almost 70-year history was handed over to a customer from the iaf partner country Poland. More than half of all Plasser & Theurer machines are still in operation today. The road/rail Plassermatic 08-275 ZW is a classic for urban networks. 


Individual Design para su máquina fabricada a medida

Sobre todo, en las máquinas de alto rendimiento más complejas, las exigencias planteadas por los distintos operadores pueden diferir notablemente. Aquí, los requisitos específicos de cada país juegan un papel igual de importante que las necesidades individuales. Con las máquinas «Individual Design» nos guiamos por sus exigencias particulares. Diseñamos y fabricamos sus máquinas a medida, apostando, en particular, por las experiencias de campo aportadas por el cliente.