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Breve perfil de Plasser & Theurer

Desde hace 70 años, Plasser & Theurer es el líder tecnológico a nivel mundial de máquinas de construcción de vía. Sus numerosos desarrollos en una gran diversidad de campos le aseguran esta posición, también en el futuro. Al mismo tiempo, la empresa familiar austriaca también está inmersa en la ampliación masiva de sus Customer Services (servicios posventa), con la meta de ser el primer interlocutor también en materia de asistencia técnica a lo largo del ciclo de vida completo de las máquinas de construcción de vía.

  • Fundada en el año 1953
  • Aprox. 2.000 empleados y empleadas en Austria
  • Aprox. 5.000 empleados y empleadas en total en Austria y en las 22 empresas internacionales aliadas
  • Programa de productos: máquinas y sistemas para la construcción, la renovación y la conservación de vía y catenaria
  • Más de 17.400 máquinas de gran tamaño entregadas a 110 países
  • Porcentaje de exportación 93 %

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First emission-free tamping machine for Scandinavia

Scandinavia plays a pioneering role in climate-friendly behaviour – the field of railway infrastructure maintenance is no exception.

On March 15, Kjersti Kanne, CEO of Baneservice AS, signed a contract in Linz/Austria for Norway’s first E³ machine as a step to make track and turnout maintenance even more environmentally friendly in the future. The E³ track construction and maintenance machines are an innovative product segment of the Austrian manufacturer Plasser & Theurer – E³ standing for “Economic – Ecologic – Ergonomic”. With the new Unimat 09-2X-4x4/4S Dynamic E³, Baneservice AS receives an E³ technology tamping machine with the outstanding feature of having an electric drive. It uses electricity from the overhead contact line (15 kV) for working as well as for driving. The integrated Dynamic Track Stabiliser creates a homogeneous ballast bed and increases resistance against lateral track displacement. Additionally, the sweeping unit ensures a clean finish of track and turnout. For the comfort of the operating staff, the latest cab design includes a heated crew room and a toilet and offers an ergonomic workplace on the tamping machine.

Baneservice is Plasser & Theurer’s largest customer in Norway. In addition to the new Unimat 09-2X-4x4/4S Dynamic E³ the company has placed an order for another machine which will be used for ballast management. The USP 2010 SWS ballast regulator comes with an integrated 10 m³ hopper and the most modern technology available. It ensures an economical use of resources at the worksite. With this machine, a sweeping unit is able to collect and to store existing track ballast and to relocate it wherever required, immediatelay during maintenance work. The machines will be used for maintaining the 4,200 km of track in Norway and will contribute to improved safety and reliability for railway users and staff. With the ETCS train protection system and the coordination of the authorisation process, Plasser & Theurer delivers the new track construction and maintenance machine as a turnkey product for emission-free work on the track.