Digital spare parts management - Find original spare parts more easily and quickly


The new SmartCatalog

In addition to the printed spare parts catalogues, we offer the option to find original spare parts in our SmartCatalog. It runs on smartphones and tablets with iOS or Android operating systems, and from now on also as a web application on your PC or laptop. On top of all the essential information provided in the printed spare parts catalogues, the SmartCatalog offers a range of functions that will make your spare parts management faster, easier and safer in future. 

Over 1,400 users in more than 250 companies already make regular use of our SmartCatalog. We now have a wide range of digital catalogues for standard machines built from 2006 onwards.

Your benefits

  • Convenient search function with advanced options
  • Integrated inquiry list for direct inquiries
  • Over 60,000 product photos ensure reliable part identification
  • No transcription errors
  • Where-used list for efficient spare parts management
  • Download of spare parts sheets
  • Simple update by downloading new versions
  • Optimised presentation for mobile devices and PCs


The SmartCatalog exclusively provides spare parts relevant to your machines.

The SmartCatalog’s structure is based on the printed spare parts catalogues.

The convenient search function ensures quick search results.

Just like in the printed catalogues, technical drawings make it possible to identify the required parts.

The required parts can be easily added to the inquiry list, which can either be sent directly to your company’s procurement department or your service partner at Plasser & Theurer.

More than 60,000 product photos make it easier to find the exact parts you need.


Convenient search function for quick results

The SmartCatalog has a similar structure to our printed catalogues. If you want to fast-track your search, use our convenient search function. Simply enter a part number, IT number, title or spare parts sheet number and the system will automatically display the required parts. With the web version, you have the additional option to extend your online search to all machine catalogues available for your company. 

Over 60,000 product photos: ensure clear part identification

The catalogue already has over 60,000 photos of spare parts. This will make it easier to identify the required parts, and you have the certainty to know you have selected the right parts. The dashboard will display your latest machine catalogue and your last spare parts inquiry.

Integrated inquiry list: make a direct inquiry

The new SmartCatalog has an integrated inquiry list. It allows you to compile the selected parts and to send them directly to your company's procurement department, for example. If required, you can also send this inquiry list to your Plasser & Theurer service partner. This makes your inquiry quicker and also safer. Moreover, you can avoid typos that may occur when copying the information from the printed catalogue.

Where-used list for your efficient spare parts management

The where-used function is completely new. It shows you how often a spare part is used in a certain machine or in all machines of your machine fleet. Based on this information, you will be able to decide whether it is worth to request larger quantities of a part in order to make your stock management easier. The web version also has a new option to download PDFs of spare parts sheets.

Go to the SmartCatalog here

The new SmartCatalog is available in several languages for all standard machines built from 2006 onwards. Registered SmartCatalog users can access the new web version without having to register again. For more information on the SmartCatalog phone us on +43 732 7666-11377 or email us on  You can also use these contact details to order the app for your company.

SmartCatalogWeb SmartCatalogApp
> 60,000 photos yes yes
Mobile devices yes yes
Desktop (optimised) yes no
Download (PDF spare parts sheets) yes no
Offline mode no yes
Easy search yes yes
Advanced search yes no
Where-used list yes no
Backup information yes yes
Avoid typos yes yes
Always the latest catalogue version yes yes