Increased stability for greater availability

Win-ALC NG automatic guiding computer


In recent decades, computer technology has made rapid progress. Our automatic guiding computers also benefit from this development.

In 2016, we introduced a new generation of automatic guiding computers: the Win-ALC NG. Designed as high-quality Panel PC, it stands out due to the high number of integrated features and control elements suited for industrial operation.

Its stability significantly contributes to minimising the control system's susceptibility to failure. The performance and reliability of the Win-ALC NG have successfully stood the test on new machines many times. 

Latest computer technology on existing machines

In the development of the Win-ALC NG great attention was paid to its fast and easy installation to ensure that the guiding computers of the older generation can be easily replaced with the new device. This enables almost any machine to be upgraded to state-of-the-art computer technology in a very short time. 

Exchange package at an attractive price

We are offering the Win-ALC NG as an exchange package: A Plasser & Theurer service technician will install the new device. The old device is simply returned.

Normally, the usual user interface is exchanged and returned to service within one day. The price already includes the costs involved.

Win-ALC NG and DRP data recording processor on offer as a bundle

Exchanging two components at a time already saves valuable time and costs. Yet, if you upgrade to the Win-ALC NG automatic guiding computer and the DRP digital measurement recording system at the same time, you can save even more. We are now offering both devices as a bundle.

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