Your direct access to machine data

The standard for remote diagnosis - PlasserDatamatic

PlasserDatamatic is the first original interface enabling access to all data and processes of track maintenance machines. This ensures safety and transparency for the entire machine pool. It identifies errors at an early stage and is available as upgrade for existing machines. 

Different configurations available

Included in the basic package, PlasserLiveInfo allows online and mobile access to the most important process data via mobile phone, tablet or computer at any time. In most cases, data on the GPS position, working direction, engine, filling levels and hydraulic pressures are accessed.

The PlasserDatamaticRecorder also records machine parameters over longer periods of time. All operational parameters are automatically localised with the machine's GPS position and are saved for each stage of work. The recorded data is at your disposal for further analyses and reports allowing, for instance, efficient planning of machine servicing. In the development, we paid particular attention to the interface compatibility with the most common database applications. 

Fixed prices for the control systems P-IC 2.0 and P500 to P700

Machines fitted with the P-IC 2.0 control system can be upgraded with the remote diagnosis system PlasserDatamatic at a fixed price.

This upgrade is also available at a fixed price for machines equipped with a control system from the series P500 to P700. Both number and type of channels are clearly defined in the basic package.

Possible channel extensions are offered optionally.

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