Benefit from digital technology now

The digital measurement recording system DRP


In 2013, Plasser & Theurer introduced the first digital recorder onto the market: the DRP data recording processor. To measure the track geometry, it continues to use the well-proven chord measurement based system. The DRP converts the analogue signals into digital signals and records and saves them at regular intervals.

All benefits of digital recording technology

The DRP recorder can process more than the maximum of eight signals available on the DAR data acquisition recorder. The real-time display on the touch panel PC enables the immediate analysis of the individual channels and allows describing individual events using the commenting function.

In addition, the DRP offers

  • evaluation of the measuring and work graphs using clearance and acceptance lines
  • introduction of exception lists instead of evaluation templates
  • electronic data transfer of the measuring and work graphs as well as the measured data
  • additional recording parameters if required
  • display of the measuring results in the style of the measuring graphs of RAILab (Ril 821.2001)
  • new assessment criteria
  • (in line with Ril 821.2001)
  • calculation of alignment and longitudinal level (D1) as per EN 13848
  • use of commercially available printers

Now available as upgrade for the DAR recorder

More than 300 DRP systems have already been put into operation in over 42 countries. Now, machines that still use analogue recording systems can be upgraded with these digital devices.


We are offering the upgrade of the recording system, including installation and start-up, at a fixed price. If you wish to fit an existing machine with a DRP recorder for the first time or to record additional parameters, please contact us in advance to assess the technical feasibility. 

SmartALC and DRP data recording processor on offer as a bundle

Exchanging two components at a time already saves valuable time and costs. Yet, if you upgrade to the SmartALC automatic guiding computer and the DRP digital measurement recording system at the same time, you can save even more. We are now offering both devices as a bundle.